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Posted by Kostas Kyriakakis at 27/10/2007, 12:14 pm

Date: 26/01/2008

Venue: AN CLUB

Guests: Nordor, Insidead

Ticket price: 25.00 €


Live report:
Saturday, January 26th

We’re expecting the gods of melodic-death metal (sorry, I will not be objective today), Nightrage, with the supporting bands Nordor and Insidead. Standing outside An Club, around 20:00 and the small amount of people in line worries me. The ticket cost 25 euros dudes...

First on stage were the winners of last year’s music contest ’’Battle of the Bands’’, Insidead which, if I am not mistaken, finished recording their first album last December and have 2 promos out.Their sound moves towards metalcore/thrash/hardcore and judging by tonight’s performance, these guys are gonna do great in the future. The heavy and full concrete progressive deathsters, Nordor, replace Insidead on stage. With a very atmospheric intro they make us shut up and stare and for as long as they are on stage, with their songs they state that that’s the way it’s going to be. Feel, speed and occultism is what these dudes (I’m sure mr. Crowley was their uncle) are about.. By the way, their site is one the most trippy and awesome ones ever. (

At about 10.00 pm, the night’s headliners, Nightrage make their appearance on stage. The Greek-Swedish band which is today recognized as one of the greatest ambassadors of melodic death metal, came with a new lineup and the Finnish newcomer Antony Hämäläinen (Burn Your Halo) on vocals to demolish us with songs from their albums "Sweet Vengeance" (2003),"Descent Into Chaos" (2005) and "A New Disease Is Born" (2007). To be honest I was pretty curious to hear the new guy who replaced Lindberg and Strimell only 4 months ago.

First song: ’’Spiral’’ -a moment of silence here, please- and they continued with ’’Reconcile’’, ’’Descent into Chaos’’ and ’’Hero’’. At this point most of the crowd at An gathered in front of the stage and by the time we heard ’’Scathing’’, I was only hoping I wouldn’t drop my camera. An amazing drum solo from Johan Nunes (Suicide of Demons), who at the age of 19, is considered to be the next Nicolas Barker, followed ’’Death Like Silence’’. The highlight of the night, was the Marios vs. Olof guitar solos we heard from ’’father Nightrage’’, Marios Iliopoulos (ex- Exhumation) and the talented Olof Morck (Dragonland). There was a small sound problem and we couldn’t hear Marios’ guitar very well but fortunately it was quickly fixed. Closing with ’’The Tremor’’, we counted a strong setlist of 16 songs and they left us with the best impressions. Hämäläinen seems rather promising, he’s got the attitude, he’s got the voice and as it appears, he has potential and knows exactly what he’s doing. The band as a whole (we should also mention Anders on the bass), sent out and shared a great vibe with the audience.. the kind of vibe that leaves you no choice but to go home and listen to thier albums again. And again. And again. And again.

It’s a shame that the tickets sold, were not more than 130. Hopefully next time, the promoters organize things a little better so more people can come to good gigs because I refuse to believe that the Greek Nightrage fans are only 130..


Descent Into Chaos
A condemned Club
Death Like Silence
-drum solo-
Being Nothing
Guitar solos-Marios vs. Olof
Elusive Emotion
Reality vs. Truth
Macabre Apparition
The Tremor


NIGHTRAGE - Scathing


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