Kreator @ Principal - Thessaloniki

It’s 18:00 and I was standing in front of the White Tower waiting with other fans of Kreator the buses to take us to Principal Club. The fans huge passion to audience their favorite Kreator was not obvious, until Petrozza with his fellows appeared on the scene. But let’s take it from the beginning since the journey was long enough until we met... the Hordes of Chaos.
\r\nWe arrived at the Principal Club, around 19:00 o’clock, and the yard was already full of people for once more. Again, we expected the doors to open. Fortunately, ten minutes later they were opened. The stage was decorated according to the new album of the German thrashers, while the audience from the first moment shouted in rhythm the Kreator name. The concert began almost immediately after our entry and first appeared on stage were the Emergency Gate.
\r\nEmergency Gate (Power Metal).

\r\nAs I wrote in my recent review, their albums are boring, but on stage they were really good. Aggressive, fast, communicated with the audience, and there were some mosh pits. But the weaknesses revealed where it was expected to appear, to the melodies. After the first three songs we had to face the same melodies, while one member of the band, Chris Rybak, was absent for unknown reasons. No matter what, the audience had some fan.
\r\nEluveitie (Gothenburg, Celtic Folk metal)
\r\nThe pleasant surprise of the evening from the support groups side. The Swiss guys, and girls, were dynamic, but they also had one absence, Patrick "Pade" Kistler. The folk tunes made us slightly dance, while the girls (violin and hurdygurdy) were not unnoticed, especially when they headbanging. There were also some mosh pits here and there since the Gothenburg rythm tunes made the audience behave like that. In a few words we could say that they made several new fans last night.
\r\nCaliban (Metalcore)
\r\nThe "Davidian" of Machine Head meets the "Walk" of Pantera. The musical introduction, before getting themselves on stage, it was melodic, dark, reminiscent of medieval call to dark spirits. But that was the only good part. Although their tunes were aggressive and their presence impressive, apart from the singer’s trendy haircut who was asking mosh pits all the time, the heavy rhythm core riffs were all the same at all tracks. Half an hour we were listening the same. Even the audience got bored. During the last three songs, their minds were to Kreator. Yet most of the time they enjoyed it. Several mosh pits, a good "rehearsal", for what they intended tod during the Kreator show.

\r\nWhile Caliban were still on stage, the audience fanatically shouting the name of Kreator. The redemption came at 22:10 with the introduction of "Hordes Of Chaos". Once again we had video wall projection, highly enjoyable scenes and similar to the new album concept, and in conjunction with the similar decorated stage, the stage presence of the band received many points. The band was in shape and had a great performance. We don’t forget the nice words for the Greek fans. After the the last song, Petrozza raised his flying V guitar in the air. After that, he threw some picks here and there to the crowd and Reil drumsticks. On the other hand the fans were energetic, mosh pit a lot of times, and I would like particularly refer to the last pit, during the "Flag Of Hate" by almost everyone was on stage. Finally, he had a passionate audience applause since the pleasure had surpassed any expectations.
\r\nTrivial info from the Principal
\r\nDoors opened at 19:00 while it was scheduled to open at 17:30.
\r\nThe ages of the audience was from 17 to 40.
\r\nThe sound was good.
\r\nThe support bands were on stage for 35 to 55 minutes.
\r\nIntermediate sound checks took time, until 20 minutes before Kreator.
\r\nThe bassist Eluveitie, had a six strings bass.
\r\n01. "Hordes Of Chaos"
\r\n02. "Warcurse"
\r\n03. "Extreme Aggression"
\r\n04. "Phobia"
\r\n05. "Voices Of The Dead"
\r\n06. "Enemy Of God"
\r\n07. "Destroy What Destroys You"
\r\n08. "Pleasure To Kill"
\r\n09. "People Of The Lie"
\r\n10. "Coma Of Souls"
\r\n11. "The Patriarch"
\r\n12. "Violent Revolution"
\r\n13. "Terrible Certainty"
\r\n14. "Betrayer"
\r\n15 ."Amok Run"
\r\n16. "Riot Of Violence"
\r\n17. "Flag Of Hate"
\r\nReport Kostantinos Grevenitis

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