Αυτά είναι το 80 άλμπουμ που επέλεξαν συνολικά οι συντάκτες του METALZONE.GR, ως τα καλύτερα που κυκλοφόρησαν το 2017.

Η λίστα είναι βάση αλφαβητικής σειράς, ενώ αν έχετε την περιέργεια να δείτε τις ατομικές επιλογές των συντακτών πατήστε ΕΔΩ.

A Lot Like Bird – Divisi
Accept - The Rise Of Chaos
Akercocke - Renaissance in Extremis
Amken - Theater of the Absurd
Anathema - The Optimst
Angelmora - Mask Of Treason
Annihilator - For the demented
Arch Enemy – Will To Power
Arrayan Path - Dawn Of Aquarius
Artificial Language – Observer
Ayreon - The Source
Beast In Black – Berserker
Bell Witch – Mirror Reaper
Black Dahlia Murder - Nightbringers
Blaze Bayley - Endure And Survive
Bloody Hammers - The Horrific Case of Bloody Hammers
Body Count ‎– Bloodlust
Caligula’s Horse – In Contact
Cloven Hoof - Who Mourns For The Morning Star
Converge - The Dusk In Us
Cradle of Filth - Cryptoriana
Disharmony – Abyss Noir
Droid - Terrestrial mutations
Dying Fetus - Wrong one to fuck with
Eclipse - Monumentum
Enslaved - E
Evil Invaders – Feed Me Violence
Fates Warning ‎– Theories Of Flight
Fellwarden – Oathbearer
Forsaken – Pentateuch
God Dethroned – The World Ablaze
Grave Digger - Healed by Metal
Heretic - A Game You Cannot Win
Holy Martyr - Darkness Shall Prevail
Horn - Turm Am Hang
Iced Earth - Incorruptible
Immolation – Atonement
Inglorious - II
Innerforce - From Within
Invidia – As The Sun Sleeps
Jack Starr's Burning Starr - Stand Your Ground
Jacobs Dream - Sea Of Destiny
Jag Panzer - The Deviant Chord
Kee Of Hearts – Kee Of Hearts
Kreator - Gods of Violence
Labyrinth - Architecture of a God
Leprous – Malina
Loss – Horizonless
Major Denial - Duchess Of Sufferings
Mausoleum Gate - Into a Dark Divinity
Mean Streak - Blind Faith
Necrytis – Countersigns
Need - Hegaiamas
Night Demon – Darkness Remains
Nitrogods ‎– Roadkill BBQ
Nocturnal Rites - Phoenix
Panzer - Fatal Command
Portrait - Burn The World
Raw Silk ‎– The Borders Of Light
Reflection - Bleed Babylon Bleed
Sanhedrin - A Funeral For The World
Satan's Hallow ‎– Satan's Hallow
Satyricon - Deep Calleth Upon Deep
Screamer - Hell Machine
Septic Flesh - Codex Omega
Skyclad ‎– Forward Into The Past
Soen – Lykaia
Sorcerer - The Crowning Of The Fire King
Stallion - From The Dead
The Flight Of Sleipnir ‎– Skadi
The Soundbyte – Solitary IV
Theory - The Art of Evil
Threshold - Legends Of The Shires
Ulver - The assassination of Julius Caesar
Valor - Arrogance: The Fall
Vulture Industries – Strange Times
War Device - Infinite Chaos
Wintersun - The Forest Seasons
Wobbler – From Somewhere to Nowhere
Wolves In The Throne Room ‎– Thrice Woven

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