November 22, 2007


\r\nWhen in 1969 Coven, a band of 60’s from U.S.A. released their first album under the name “Witchcraft Destroys Minds And Reaps Bodies” they surely couldn’t imagine that they are gonna establish a whole school which will be named Οccult rock and will occupy itself with dark music and apocryphistic themes.

November 01, 2007

One of the darkest groups that saw the light of the day is Death SS from Italy. Death SS have been formed back in 1977, by the musical idols Stefano Silvestri (Steve Sylvester – Vocals) and Paolo Catena (Paul Chain – Guitars) in Pessaro.
\r\nHeavily influenced by the dark bands of this era, Alice Cooper, Black Widow, Atomic Rooster and horror classic movies (such as flicks from Universal and Hammer horror), Steve and Paul gave birth to Death SS (The name Death SS stands for Steve Sylvester’s Death and has no connection with the well known Nazi movement).

October 26, 2007

\r\nI am dealing with album writing reviews since 2003. During these years I learned many from this and it was always pleasure for me to express my opinion for an album, in such a way that I help also the reader to create an opinion or even to take an idea of what we the album is about. Receiving both positive and negative comments, I continued and I will continue writing reviews, despite the fact that mainly the last two years the situation is not the same as it was when I first started doing this.

October 25, 2007

\r\nI believe that music and cinema are similar arts, Some of you propably believe this, some of you maybe not, so let’s have a flashback and find out. Let’s see especially metal music and horror movies. Starting from the master of theatrical horror rock Alice Cooper and his monumental “Welcom to my nightmare” back in 1975, we will find there, the Classic anthem “Black Widow” in wich intro we can easily recognise the voice of the master of the maccabre Vincent Price.

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