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February 09, 2009

\r\nFormed under the name Scum in 1988, the band was originally a grindcore group formed by Themgoroth (Dark Funeral), Olavi Mikkonen (guitar), and Ted Lundström (bass guitar). When Johan Hegg joined the band, their music changed towards melodic death metal. After a 1991 demo, they changed the band’s name to Amon Amarth in 1992 then recorded their first demo Thor Arise under the name in 1993 following a demo, The Arrival of the Fimbul Winter, in 1994, selling all 1000 demo discs in less than 12 hours.\r\n

February 06, 2009
January 22, 2009

\r\nOne cold January morning a man sat in a central Metro Station and began to play the violin. He played for approximately 45 minutes. Given that it was during rush hour thousands of people passed before him most of who were probably going to work.

January 19, 2009

"A blastbeat is a kind of very, very rapid repeat hitting of the drums, usually in excess of 180bpms, so it sounds kind of like an apocalyptic typing pool," explains James Hoare, deputy editor of Terrorizer, the "World’s Leading Extreme Music Magazine" (this month: in the studio with Cannibal Corpse and tip for 2009: Trigger the Bloodshed).

October 28, 2008

\r\nΚαθώς πρίν μερικές μέρες χάζευα στο www.youtube.com, άρχισα να βλέπω μερικά βίντεο από συλλέκτες δίσκων ( η αλλιώς βινιλιου, λόγω του &

October 08, 2008

\r\nΈχουν περάσει 2 χρÏŒνια απÏŒ τÏŒτε που η ραδιοφωνική εκπομπή Metalzone δεν εκπέμπει στα FM.

September 19, 2008

\r\nI believe music is the way we have in expressing our innermost emotions- fear, solitude, passion, turbulence – all those things which when we try to express them words run too thin. Having always in mind that the true artists are the ones who can express our silence I initiated in assembling a feature article on Evergrey.

September 05, 2008


Why heavy metal and classical fans make sweet music together




\r\nHAD he been alive today, Beethoven might well have been bosom buddies with heavy metal rockers Black Sabbath. \r\n


\r\nUnlikely as it may seem, fans of heavy metal and classical music have much more in common than most people would imagine, according to a new study. \r\n

July 25, 2008

\r\nLost in translation, fans of the metal music scene are carried away by the meaningless and yet essential categorization which characterizes the scene these past few years. The problem has spread to such extents that I believe it is about time a dictionary was created to explain the hundreds of idioms that have appeared. This situation is rather “useful” in order to include the numerous bands whose sound may be “hard” but whose music bears no relevance to metal music.\r\n

July 14, 2008

\r\nI was born Jonathan Aaron Steel, to the parents of William and Elizabeth steel. I am a Leo, born under the sign of the lion and I was raised in a lower middle class family with only one brother Michael whom I love dearly. He was five years my senior. My father’s nickname was Red which I could never understand why because his hair was sandy blond. Nevertheless, the name stuck. So when my brother was born my father became Big Red and my brother Little Red.

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