April 26, 2008

Μέσα της προηγούμενης δεκαετίας (περιπου1996).

April 07, 2008

\r\nThe\r\nfollowing thoughts don’t really have much to do with music but then again maybe\r\nthey have everything to do with music. You see, I feel music is always\r\nexpressing our innermost feelings which we can’t express with words or phrases.\r\nAll these thoughts have been building up inside me for years and I guess it’s\r\ntime for me to share them. \r\n

March 24, 2008

\r\nBlackie Lawless, was born Steven Duren on 4th September 1956. He lived in Staten Island, New York, where he hung out with Ace Freley of Kiss Fame. At the age of 13, Blackie was stabbed in a fight and at 14 he was sent to Military School to learn discipline. After 18 months of a two year sentence he was thrown out after beating up a Sargent Major.

March 20, 2008

There is a place we go, some times or more often, when little things\r\ndrop by just to say "hi", then situations change and everything as it\r\nused to be seems to be gone with the wind : this place is beyond and\r\nagainst, faraway too close, one footstep behind or miles away from home\r\n(i suppose again). It is above us or is it us who stand below it, no\r\nmatter how you name it, well, it keeps a distance, in between.
\r\nBetween two moments. Now and then, before and after. Present and Future. What happened, what occurrs. It is called Praxis.

March 12, 2008

ΛοιπÏŒν ÏŒπως πολλοί γνωρίζεται ή έχετε καταλάβει ο γραφÏŽν ήταν μεγάλος οπαδÏŒς των Death SS.

March 09, 2008

\r\nThese days we are up against a serious national matter that has to do with the international regognition of F.Y.R.O.M. (Former Yougoslav Republic Of Macedonia) as Macedonia.\r\n


\r\nThis issue has greek interest since its result shows clearly the lack of patriotism and also the irresponsibility of our goverments, ministers and prime ministers who let things take this unfortunate course.\r\n

February 25, 2008

De gustibus et de coloribus non disputandum estVs Ροκάκιας την ημέρα το βράδυ καμαριέρα  Το Vs  του τίτλου είναι εν μέρει παραπλανητικÏŒ και μοιάζει υπερβολικÏ

February 10, 2008

\r\nΜε αφορμή τα συναυλιακά δρÏŽμενα των τελευταίων ετÏŽν, τα\r\nοποία σίγουρα αντικατοπτρίζουν τις πωλήσεις των εν λÏŒ&

January 31, 2008

\r\nIt must have come to your attention that some of the media on the subject of metal music, magazines, webzines refer to bands having no relation with the kind of music they examine. To be more spacific, there are articles about Nirvana, Rage Against the Machine, Dead Kennedies, Sex Pistols, Ramones etc. They refer to bands that not only don’t have anything to do with metal, but they used to be in opposite sides at times.\r\n

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