Live reports

October 06, 2008

\r\nThis is so cool. It’s Thursday evening, in the center of Athens, and you can drink a beer while attending a live show, all in normal hours (this goes to the ones who have to wake up early in the morning and work for endless hours daily). Crimson Fire was a very good company that night by playing many songs, however, to be honest, no matter how many times I have seen these guys performing it’s never enough! The band, with a new line up did a good show and those who were there enjoyed it a lot, even though there were some problems with the sound,.

September 23, 2008

It’s 18:00 and I was standing in front of the White Tower waiting with other fans of Kreator the buses to take us to Principal Club. The fans huge passion to audience their favorite Kreator was not obvious, until Petrozza with his fellows appeared on the scene. But let’s take it from the beginning since the journey was long enough until we met... the Hordes of Chaos.

July 31, 2008

\r\nSetting off to go to AN Club on a Monday night live show I expected a homey show with a small crowd. And as Jim, (our photographer) said, I thought it wouldn’t have that many people until I turned around this corner. Reaching An Club we found out almost every guitar in Athens was there. And not just Athens, I saw Gus Drax from BIOMECHANICAL in the venue, John Simvonis from DESCENDING to name a couple who come from signed Greek bands.  \r\n

July 03, 2008

\r\nFriday 13th 2008. Thank god we are nothing but superstitious but then again, who gives a deamn when it comes to going to a BON JOVI show?

July 02, 2008

\r\nThursday night and one of my dreams, to watch one of the best hard rock bands at Gagarin, was about to come true. First time in our country the band which has combined mainstream hits, sentimental ballads and hard rocking songs and my anxiety for the result, was increasing!

May 13, 2008

\r\nJuly 20th 2008 Tehnopoli, RockEmAll Festival

April 12, 2008

\r\nAlexander The Great… was the first thing I heard coming in Texas Necropolis on Tuesday the 18th. You see traffic kept me from reaching the venue sooner so I am sorry for Dark Nightmare but I missed your set guys.\r\n

March 22, 2008

This is new to me. Being the only person at the right side of the venue, that is. The time had come to see Biomechanical performing live, while the crowd was still so small. Really sad.

March 20, 2008

\r\nLet’s take it from the start. Doors opened with an\r\nhour’s delay but to tell you the truth I din’t expect them to open on time.\r\nSure thing is doors opened and De\r\nProfundis. Their intro was very impressive and it got you in the mood right\r\naway. The English band was well\r\nbonded and their sound pretty good. I felt that what was missing is that extra\r\nsomething that makes bands stand out.

February 28, 2008

I arrived at GAGARIN where the gig would take place, a little bit late and when I saw that the venue was almost empty, I was hoping that the initial schedule had changed and that the show would start later. That the band that was on stage already wasn’t GODIVA but some other support group which was probably added in the billing the last minute and we just weren’t informed about it, therefore, there weren’t many fans there. However, this was the picture that lasted all night long.

February 14, 2008

\r\nSunday noon found me walking up Themistokleous street towards Underworld club for a long awaited live later that evening. Primordial. I’d never seen them live before,you see, it’s something like my relationship with Ireland.. Whenever the trip was planned, the universe would always screw things up for me and I’d end up mumbling "next time..". Well this time, I was not going to miss it, even if they were giving away free barrels of Guinness on my front porch.

January 29, 2008

\r\nIt was the fourth time in the last years that Uriah Heep has visited us. Due to their new album "Wake The Sleeper”, which will be realeased in Greece on March, Heep gave us on Sutarday 1.5 hour of really rock music, as they know to do 38 whole years. The legendary group arrive at 20:40 at Fuzz and after one hour it was on the stage. The incredibly Show’s energy from the very beginning gave us a picture of the atmoshere, which was expected to enjoy later. \r\n

January 21, 2008

8 years ago, when I used to listen to the Martyre I couldn’t imagine there would come a time when we will\r\nhave the opportunity to see Saturnus live in Greece and moreover that we will get to see them twice!\r\nWith a rather newly released album and the memories of their appearance in the\r\nclub "Ston aera" back in 2005, the band returned in Greece only this time in the center of Athens in club Underworld.\r\nHolding the memory of that first time I saw them live I went to the venue,\r\nquite late so I missed both the support bands.

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