Και φέτος στο τέλος μιας... ιδιόρρυθμης χρονιάς  οι συντάκτες του Metalzone δίνουν τις λίστες τους για τα 10 καλύτερα album της χρονιάς. Ευχόμαστε σε όλους  ένα ευτυχισμένο 2021 με υγεία και μεταλλικές μουσικές... με άποψη ! ΧΡΟΝΙΑ ΠΟΛΛΑ !

Κώστας "PureViL" Κυριακάκης

1.Cloven Hoof – Age Of Steel

 2.Thrust – The Helm Of Awe

3.Steel Arctus – Fire And Blood

4.Stalker – Black Majik Terror

5.Eternal Champion – Ravening Iron

7.Hexx – Entangled In Sin

8.Firewind – Firewind

 9.Stormzone – Ignite The Machine

10.Midnight Dice – Hypnotized EP

Christine Tsaprouni 

(in alphabetical order)

1.Badd Kharma- On Fire

2.Chalice- Trembling Crown

3.Ecclesia - De Ecclesiæ Universalis

4.Hittman- Destroy All Humans

5.Ironflame- Blood Red Victory

6.Magnum- The Serpent Rings

7.Possessed Steel- Aedris

8.Runemaster- Wanderer

9.Tyrant- Hereafter

10.Wytch Hazel- III: Pentecost

Λάμπρος "Metalshock" Πανέτας

1. Cirith Ungol - Forever Black

 2. Eternal Champion - Ravening Iron

3. Wytch Hazel - III: Pentecost

4. Solitary Sabred - By Fire And Brimstone

5. Hittman - Destroy All Humans

 6. Glacier - The Passing Of Time

7. Firewind - Firewind

8. Wolf - Feeding The Machine

9. Traveler - Termination Shock

10. Megaton Sword - Bllod Hails Steel, Steel Hails Fire

Δημήτρης Κινινής

1.Eternal Champion - Ravening Iron

2.Possessed Steel -Aedris

3.Ambush - Infidel

4.Roadwolf - Unchain the night

5.Tyran -Fists of iron 

6.Trotoar - No Salvation

7.Lady Beast - The Vulture's Amulet 

8.Forsaken Age - Heavy Metal Nightmare

9.Coltre - Under the influence 

10.Kramp - Gods of death

Hugo Rebelo

1.Sarcator -Sarcator       

2.Evoke - Seeds of Death

3.Stalker - Black Majik Terror

4.Solicitor - Spectral Devastation

5.Butcher  - 666 Goats Carry My Chariot

6.Messiah -Fracmont

7.Benediction - Scriptures

8.Tyrant  - Hereafter

9.Toxic Death - Sepulchral Demons

10.Blackevil - Forever Baptised in Eternal Fire

Steve Woodier

1.Sarin Attack - Dystopia

2.Subterraen - 'Rotten Human Kingdom',

3.Dukatalon -'Involuntary Action

4.Suum - Cryptomass

5.Resent- Crosshairs

6.Dejected Mass - Abyss

7.Faith in Jane - Mother To Earth

8.Acid Mammoth  - Under Acid Hoof

9.Ustkara Ghost - Consuming The Abyss

10. Lightmaker - Lightmaker

Ηλίας Κατσαούνος

1.Psychotic Waltz - The God-Shaped Void

2.Cristiano Filippini's Flames of Heaven - The Force Within

3.Cirith Ungol - Forever Black

4.Fates Warning - Long Day Good Night

5.The Lightbringer of Sweden - Rise Of The Beast

6.Firewind - Firewind

7.Tyrant - Hereafter

8.Badd Kharma- On Fire

9.Ivanhoe - Blood And Gold

10.Blizzen - World In Chains

Στέφανος Στεφανίδης

1.Psychotic Waltz -The God - Shaped Voud .

2.Fates Warning - Long Day Good Night .

3.My Dying Bride - The Broken Shore .

4.Mekong Delta - Tales Of The Future Past .

5.Napalm Death - Throws Of Joy In The Jaws Of Defeatism .

6.Enslaved - Utgard .

7.Black Fate - Ithaca .

8.The Night Flight Orchestra - Aeromantic .

9.The Reticent - The Oubliette .

10.Hyperia - Insanitorium

Δημήτρης Τσαουσίδης

(η σειρά είναι αλφαβητική)

1. Enslaved ‎– Utgard

2.Eternal Champion ‎– Ravening Iron

3. Fates Warning ‎– Long Day Good Night

4. Mekong Delta ‎– Tales Of A Future Past

5.My Dying Bride ‎– The Ghost Of Orion

6.Necrophobic ‎– Dawn Of The Damned

7.Psychotic Waltz ‎– The God-Shaped Void Traveler ‎– Traveler 

8.Sacred Outcry ‎– Damned For All Time

9.Traveler ‎– Traveler

10.Wytch Hazel ‎– III: Pentecost

Γεράσιμος Δούρος

1.Biowarfare - Wiping Out Human Race

2.Glacier - The Passing Of Time anvil

3.Anvil - Legal at Last


5.Cirith Ungol - Forever Black

6.Kinetic Dissent - Controlled Reaction  The Demo Anthology

7.Tidal Dreams - Access Denied

8.Typhus - Mass Produced Perfection

9.Tokyo Blade  - Dark Revolution

10.Betrayel - Offerings

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