An interview with Dreamscore (DE)

I was checking new releases when I came along to the first EP from a new band, Dreamscore, hailing from Hamburg, Germany. At once I was attached to their music.Their female-fronted symphonic power metal owns a lot to Nightwish, but Dreamscore manage to add their personal talent and reach at a great result. I had no other options than to get in contact with the band, order their cd and ask them for an Interview. Let's see what their founding member Tania Kaulen has to tell us.

1.    Hello there! How are things going in the Dreamscore camp?
We are very busy because a lot of things are going on right now. In the moment we are concentrating our efforts on writing new songs and getting more shows.

2.    Before going deeper to Dreamscore’s music, please introduce the band to our readers.
Tania is our singer, soul, face and founder of the band.
Malte is master of synth and orchestra and loves power metal.
Heiko is the newest member and plays the guitars and together with Malte he takes care of all sorts of technical things like in-ear monitoring, recording etc.
Last but not least Wanja is playing drums.

3.    So, let’s take it from the beginning. How did it all begin? What made you form the band? Were you all already friends?
Tania is the founder and the driving force behind the band. Her vision was to create music, mixing her voice and beautiful melodies with darker and heavier elements. In the early days there were many changes in the line-up until finally we found each other and everything was stable and working well. We didn’t know each other before, the only exception being Malte who brought his friend Heiko into the band.

4.    “Away” is your first attempt to present your music to the crowds.  An EP that sounds really mature to my ears. From the compositions to production and musicians’ level, everything seems to be in place. Tell us some things for the song structure and the production procedure. Who writes the music, the lyrics and who is responsible for the final recordings?
Songwriting in this genre is a complex matter and due to all the orchestral elements this is not something that can just be jammed out in the rehearsal room! Normally we meet and Tania comes up with a couple of ideas and the other members contribute their creativity, each member concentrating on his instrument until we are all happy with the result. This all happens before we rehearse a song for the first time. This way we have a sort of pre-production and can listen to our songs to see if we want to rewrite or add parts.
Tania writes all lyrics. For our EP “Away” we were able to record everything on our own thanks to the technical expertise of Heiko and Malte. The final mix and master was done by Benjamin Mundigler at Chameleon Studios in Hamburg.

5.    I guess there is no need to ask you for your influences as a “Nightwish” aroma is all around the songs. But I guess your likes don’t end there.
Interestingly we all have quite different tastes in music and often we try to merge all this together. Of course we all like all kinds of symphonic metal bands but Malte for example leans more towards power metal, while Wanja likes more extreme music.

6.    Tania Kaulen you have an extremely good voice. I read that you've also been in a band called Ethereal but I didn’t found any more details. What about this band? Had you ever recorded anything with them?
Actually Ethereal was an early name of Dreamscore from long long ago.

7.    Your guitarist, Heiko Domeier is also in a melodeath band, called Serpentic. Will they ever release anything more than singles or demos?
Yes, they are recording an EP right now!

8.    Your drummer, Wanja Groger is active these days in about 7 or 8 bands! What a hardworking man I must admit, hehe! Is he a regular member of Dreamscore or just helped you with the recordings.
He is a regular member (which does not apply for all his other bands).

9.    Let’s go back to your EP now. Can you use some words, describing each song? What is it talking about and for the inspiration that led you to compose them?
Pages of Nostalgia is powerful as well as dreamy and is about growing old and trying to keep your energy and inspiration from younger days.
The Bloom and the Envy is a strong and energetic song about going your own way and others who envy what you do. In the end everyone is responsible for what he or she is striving for and it is everyone’s own decision how much he or she is ready to work for it. Sometimes it is a lonely road towards your dreams but it is worth it!
My Winter Rose is about the loneliness of an old soul in endless cycles of rebirth.
At the Moonlake is a song about the heat and passion of sensual physical human interaction.

10.     What are your future plans for Dreamscore? Have you got any songs ready for a full length or is it too early?
We are working on a couple of songs in different stages of production for a future full-length and also we are looking to play more shows!

11.    Do you like performing live? What’s your best and what’s your worst moment on the scene until now?
Yes, we enjoy playing live! To name a best or worst moment we admittedly haven’t played enough shows yet.

12.    Give us a clear view of the German metal scene as we’re entering the 2020s and this music has already 50 years in its back. Is it strong as ever? Are new fans entering the scene? Do the live shows attract young people? You see, for a non-German guy, as I am, Germany seems to be a metal paradise. But is it the same for you?
We really like the scene in Germany! Metal will never die! Some kinds of metal haven’t changed over decades while others explore more and more new subgenres. We have many great old bands but we also often recognize great and promising younger bands emerging on festivals. So all in all Germany can be described as a metal paradise but at the same time the sheer amount of bands makes it difficult to stand out.

13.    It would be nice if you mention the top young metal acts from Germany according to your opinion.
Dreamscore, Dreamscore and Dreamscore ;)

14.    That’s all from me! Thanks a lot for this interview! Keep creating music! Last words are yours.
Thank you for the interview and greetings to the Greece Metal scene! Tania, Malte, Wanja and Heiko




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