Gamma Ray @ Fuzz Club

Arriving just in time at around 19:40 I’ve found Secret Sphere climbing on the stage to begin this big Power Metal party that took place at the new Fuzz Club.
Without further unnecessary words, here’s the experience:
Following the tradition of their predecessors Rhapsody and Labyrinth, Italian Secret Sphere took the weight of launching this magnificent evening. Although not so many people showed up in the beginning (resulting to some weird sound), the promising Secret Sphere gave a nice performance. Hair whirling on stage with epic drum beats giving rhythm to classical tunes. They didn’t play long –about half an hour, but left good impressions.
What, who, when? What just happened? Why haven’t I made aware of these guys all these years they exist? Seriously, German band Freedom Call plays some hair raising power metal and can give a pretty great show! Their main characteristic on stage was their energy and power. And the songs… Impressive melodies where at every given moment felt like you where on a horse with a sword in hand. Awesome band! I’m going to get every Freedom Call album that comes my way.
Note: At some point after I heard both Secret Sphere and Freedom I pictured Kai Hansen backstage scratching his head with the thought: What the hell? Everybody copies me? I rule!
Speaking of awesome bands… Dear reader…
1.      Intro
2. Gardens Of The Sinner 
3. New World Order 
4. Empathy 
5. Mother Angel 
6. Fight 
7. Deadlands 
8. No Need to Cry 
9. The Saviour 
10. Abyss of the Void 
11. Armageddon 
12. Drums solo 
13. To The Metal 
14. Rebellion In Dreamland 
15. Man On A Mission 
16. I Want Out (Helloween cover) 
17. Ride The Sky (Helloween cover) 
18. Send Me A Sign 
The time has come to get serious and speak about a man who can really deliver a live show (And a few slaps to the brain tagged: That’s how it is done properly, amateurs!)
Panic! During every song there was a mosh pit on the front, Kai Hansen was constantly flying through the air and every single hair on our body was raised. The set list might have been unsatisfying to some because this concert was part of the tour for their new album “To The Metal” but with such a great sound and on-stage performance I don’t anyone could complain. 
After mister Dan Zimmermann’s drum solo (which gave us and the band a chance to catch our breath) they returned playing the song from the new album title (Great tune!) and then the real party begun! By moonlight there’s a way… For rebellion! Every single verse of the almost nine minute song Rebellion in Dreamland was hymned by a overwhelmingly crowded Fuzz Club. And then, Man on a Mission! Great emotional moment when they stopped playing and everybody sang together “What we need right now, is a miracle on earth…”
We want more! We want more! Ok it wasn’t such a big surprise the Helloween hit “I want out” (And the party continues) But wait a moment… The crowd was screaming for Ride The Sky! That wasn’t in the set list! They haven’t even rehearsed it! But with some improvisation it came out beautifully! The show ended with Send me a Sign and many necks in pain from the head banging.
Amazing live show from some true masters of metal!
Manos “M for Metal” Alibertis
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