Η εκπομπή THIS IS HEAVY METAL που μεταδίδεται κάθε Τρίτη και Παρασκευή στις 22:00 ξεκίνησε μαραθώνιο αφιέρωμα στην χρονιά του 1988 την Τρίτη 31-03-20. 
Το αφιέρωμα αφορά Heavy Metal συγκροτήματα που κυκλοφορήσαν εκείνη την χρονιά LP ή EP. 

Το αφιέρωμα ολοκληρώθηκε την Τρίτη 21-04-20 (7ο μέρος) καλύψαμε 291 συγκροτήματα δείγματα - τραγούδια τους προερχόμενα από ισάριθμα άλμπουμ που κυκλοφορήσαν την χρονιά του 1988. 
Συνολικός χρόνος εκπομπών 28 ώρες... 

7o μέρος

Fates Warning - Anarchy Divine
Flotsam & Jetsam - No Place For Disgrace
Liege Lord - Master Control
Forbidden - Forbidden Evil
Overkill - Hello From The Gutter
Anthrax - Be All, End All
Death Angel - Devil's Metal
Gothic Slam - Tormentor
Hallows Eve - The Righteous Ones
Sacred Reich - One Nation
Slayer - Behind the Crooked Cross
Nuclear Assault - Fight to be Free
Sabbat - Horned Is The Hunter
Celtic Frost - Roses Without Thorns
Kreator - Lambs To The Slaughter
Razor - Discipline
Tankard - TV Hero
Holy Terror - Mind Wars
Atrophy - Product Of The Past
Suicidal Tendencies - Choosing My Own Way Of Life
Meliah Rage - Beginning Of The End
Heretic - The Circle
Screamer - Time Master
Helstar - Winds Of War
Omen - No Way Out
Blind Guardian - Run For The Night
Adramelch - Zephirus
Deadly Blessing - Cry Of Medusa
Hexenhaus - Requiem
Vendetta - Metal Law
Anacrusis - Fighting Evil
Bathory - For All Those Who Died
Nasty Savage - Abstract Reality
Viking - Valhalla
Testament - Trial By Fire
Meanstreak - Searching forever
S.A. Slayer - Upon Us, The End

6ο μέρος

Tarot - Lady Deceiver
Tattoo - Blood Red
Tempered Steel - Hooked On Heavy Metal
Tempered Steel - The Light
Tempest - Eye of the Storm
The Kingdom - Nafarious Times
The Nod - Criminal Activity
The Roxx - Dark Venus
Tigres - Winning
Tilt - Take Me Back (Lost In The City)
Trojan - Never Cry Again
TSA - Mechaniczny Pies
Turbo - The Last Warrior
Tyrant - Killing The Peace We Fall
Underdog - Stay Back
V2 - Run For You
Van Camp - The Call Of The Nature
Vanexa - Creation
Vicious Rumors - Digital Dictator
Virgin Steele - Lion In Winter
Vinnie Moore - Prelude - Into The Future
Vengeance Incorporated - Murder in Your Eyes
Vow Wow - Talkin 'Bout You
VXN - When I Feel It
Waxwing - Riding Out
Weapon - Come 'n' Get Loose
White Witch - The Seed
Wikka - The Innocent
Wolfsbane - Loco
X-Japan - Alive
Xalt - The Cross
Zed Yago - The Spell from Over Yonder
Zen Venom - Fools Gold
Zero Nine - Rollin' Through The Night
Znowhite - Something Wicked (This Way Comes)
Raw Energy - Death Stalker
Mania - Wizzard Of The Lost Kingdom
Domain - The Run

5ο μέρος

Proud Existence - Deliver or kill
Proudflesh - The Penalty is Grim
Quiet Riot - In A Rush
Queensrche - The Needle Lies
Rage - Death In The Afternoon
Rage Heart - Stormbringer
Raven Bitch - Next Victim
Reaction - Down Side Stranger
Red Coast - Hold On
Red Machete - Caught Your Disease
Repression - Mystery Eagle
Reward - Lightning
Rhett Forrester - Burning Heart
Riot - Flight Of The Warrior
Rose - No Way Out
Rough - Restless Kind
Royal Air Force - Not a number on your list
Run After To - Who Cries For The Children
Running Wild - Mutiny
Saint - Too Late For Living
S.A.D.O - Strike Back
Saxon - For Whom The Bell Tolls
Scanner - Terrion
Scorpions - Love On The Run
Seduce - Crash Landing
Sanctuary - Die For My Sins
Skanners - We Are Night
Silver Mountain - Romeo & Juliet
Slutt - Woman of the Nite
Sparto - Volvemos a empezar
Soldier - Priceless Heart
Speed Limit - Dead Eyes
St. Elmo's Fire - Warning From The Sky
Stargazer - Break Out
Stonefield - Darkness Of Paradise
Steeler - Knock Me Out
StraightWay - Wounded Heart
Stryper - In God We Trust
Sye - Take cover
Sword - Until Death Do Us Part

4o μέρος

Libra - Madman Killer
Lofton - Straight Between The Eyes
Lord - Leather Queen
Lord - Fazom a Szelben
Lust - The Hold
M.C. Blade - Step Into The Light
Lucrecia - Insanity In The City
M-16 - Tonite (it's you)
Mainstreet - Load Sweatless Drug
Majesty - Crusaders Of The Crown
Mallet Head - You And I Know
Manilla Road - War In Heaven
Manowar - Blood Of The Kings
Mantas - Let It Rock
Masi - Thunder And Lightning
Masque - No Light To Die By
Mass - Want It Back
Megadeth - In My Darkest Hour
Metallica - Harvester Of Sorrow
Megaton - Vida Despues De La Muerte
Mergus - Guerrero
Mistreated - Fille De Fer
Metal Priests - Driver
Morgana - Lady Winter
Mystery - Mystery
N.J.B. - Marilyn
Neon Cross - Run Into The Light
Ninja - Wet Dreams
Ninja - Eye Of The Ninja
Noisehunter - I'm On Fire
Odin - Time And Time Again
Outside - Child Of Storm
Ozzy Osboune - Miracle Man
Pandemonium - The Will To Kill
Pantera - Power Metal
Pariah - Loser's Ground

3ο μέρος

Greifenhagen - Desolation Gang
Hades - Diplomatic Immunity
Hands of Mercy - Lonely in the Night
Handy Black - Waspada
Hans Naughty - Get Ripped
Hardware - Halley's Arrival
Harlet - Take Your Chances
Hellion - Run For Your Life
High'n Dry - Run Away
Hero - Roll Away The Stone
Hexagon - Pieces Of A Crime
Hittman - Metal Sport
Hocculta - Angel Of Death
Holosade - Madame Guillotine
Hurry Scuary - Feelin' High
Hyper Vyper - One Way Love
Impellitteri - Tonight I Fly
Iron Gypsy - Now Or Never
Iron Maiden - Infinite Dreams
IronHeart - Running Away
Jackie Wulf - Metal Wings
Jamie Lee Saint - Breakdown
Jekyll - Are You Lonely
Jinx - Rockin' Band
Joker - Party For Your Life
Joshua - Only Yesterday
Judas Priest - Come And Get It 
Kamikaze - Escucha El Silencio
King Diamond - A Broken Spell
Knightshade - You Don't Need Me
Krokus - Speed Up
Kronos - Vestida para matar
Kuni - Shine on
Lazzer - Heavy Metal Beast
Lazarus Sin - Blood For Mercy

2o Μέρος...

Cloven Hoof - Warrior Of The Wasteland
Contagious - Backslider
Crimson Glory - Masque Of The Red Death
Crom - The Shinning Lie
Cruella D'Ville - Room With A View
DC Lacroix - One On One
Dama Feudal - No Puedo Vivir
Dancer - Save Me
Danton - Take Me Home
Dark Haze - I've Seen the Light
Dark Lord - Better Give It
Dark Quarterer - Devil Stroke
Death SS - Vampire
Dead End - Night Song
Destiny - Religion
Diass - Night Flight
Destroyer - Four On The Floor
Dragonne - Without Love
Druid - Nitemare
Earthshaker - One Night
Egypt - Richard III
Eliza - Boys Back To The Hell
Eric Steel - Rescue Me
Excalibur - Dentro De Ti
Excuriver - Jail Break
Exodo - Born To Be Wild
Expect No Mercy - Internation Lover
F.B. Bastard - Bastards Never Die
Feline Melinda - Feline Melinda
Fil Di Ferro - I'm Free
Firehouse - The Secret Of The Sky
First Offence - Rip It Up
Fisc - Speed Limit 55
Flight Charm - Flash Light
Force 3 - Trouble On The Streets
Foreign Legion - Another Life
Frozen Eyes - The Winter's Gate
G.L.A.S. - Speak to My Heart
Gargoyle - Down To The Ground
Genocide - Black Sanctuary
Ghandi - Destruction Forever?
Girlschool - Tear It Up

1ο μέρος

220 Volt - I'm On Fire
A.D.N. - No Se
Acracia - La Idea
Action! - Tears of love
Alyze - Piece of Mind
Anthem - Love In Vain
Antidoto - No Soy Un Loco
Anvil - Brain Burn
Anyway - Mandragore
April 16th - Illusion
Arson - Waiting On The Light
Avalon - Sea Of Fate
Attika - Glory Bound
Artch - Living in the Past
AXIA - Loser
Axis - Road to Somewhere
Babylon - Dynamit
Banzai - Don't want to wait
Barσn Rojo - El Gladiador
Barren Cross - Imaginary Music
Baton Rouge - Long Way to Win
Battle Brat - Heat of the Night
Bitch - The Devil Made You Do It
Black Alice - Sons of Steel
Black Syndrome - Rock the speed
Blind Petition - Perversum Maximum
Blizard - Over Heat
Bloodgood - Never Be The Same
Boom Shanker Group - Cry Out Loud
Brainfever - You
Bride - Heroes
Brocas Helm - Satan's Prophets
Bruque - El Heavy No es Violencia 
Burn - Brown Envelope Invasion
Cannon - Lies
Centurias - Guerra e Paz
Charisma - Run Away
Chastain - Voice Of The Cult
Chrome Molly - Come Back
Christ - Rebel Point
Chykle - Resistiendo Sobreviviendo

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