The video below is taken from an interview Canadian rock icon, Aldo Nova, did in 1991 during his Blood On The Bricks tour, where Aldo gives us a little history lesson about the events that happened between 1985 - 1991, when he decided to wait till Sony Music released him from his contract in 1989.

Aldo Nova took to Facebook back in November to celebrate his 65th birthday, posting the following message:

"Sixty-five years ago 1 took my first breath on November 13th, 1956, and today on November 13th, 2021 is the day of my rebirth, so two birthdays on the same day. Finally, a solid schedule and this is it. January 11th, 2022, I release my first song and video to my song, 'Free Your Mind' with press handled by Mitch Schneider and Marcee Rondan of SRO PR, who also handle Ozzy. Then, on February 22nd, 2022, I release the second song and video to my song 'Burn Like The Sun', again with a huge press release. Then on March 29th of 2022, I release my third video and single to my song, 'King of Deceit'. Then, on April 1st, 2022 the 40th year anniversary of the release of my multi-platinum, now considered a classic album titled Aldo Nova, which was released on April 1st, 1982. I finally release my 10-song EP, a preview to my 25-song 2-hour 15 minute rock opera, The Life And Times Of Eddie Gage. It will be available when I think the fans are ready to absorb 2-hours and 15 minutes of what is, in essence, my autobiography in music, because Eddie Gage is the name of my alter ego to make things a little clearer for you. But if it would've really been the autobiography of my Life, 65 years multiplied by 24 hours a day wouldn't be nearly enough music to cover it.

Then on April 19th, 2022 I release Aldo Nova 2.0 Reloaded, which is made up of some of my biggest songs taken from my first album, Aldo Nova, my second album, Subject, and Blood On The Bricks, but turbocharged to the Nth degree. Be careful when you're driving listening to Reloaded because you'll get the feeling that your car has nitro in the gas tank.

The thing about Reloaded which makes it special is that since I own everything on it - because at 65 I'm not a slave to the system and I make my own rules - I've decided to make it a 2 disc set which consists of Disc 1, that has all the song as they were recorded, then on Disc 2 is where I screw the entire music industry and change the way music will be forever sold, and it's simple. Since I own everything, Disc 2 will consist of all the songs but with versions that will have my full tracks but with no lead vocal and then also versions of all the songs with no lead guitar on them, something that no artist on the planet has ever done and will probably never do because they're only interested in making money and don't give a shit about the fans. I, on the other hand, have realized that it's because of you that I can pay my mortgage and feed me, my wife Sylvie, my cat Daisy, and my Yorkshire Terrier, Roxy, so I wanted to give you something to thank you by giving you the chance to do supercharged karaoke with me, Aldo Nova, as your backing band. I also encourage young and old guitar players to jam with me to either play my solos or to do what my intentions were, and that is for guitar players to jam and use my tracks and me as your backing band to create and develop your own style and innovate and not imitate as I do.

Then in June, having bought back the master to my album Nova's Dream and re-sequencing it and having Bob Ludwig, a living legend (who has mastered all of the albums) master it so it sounds out of this world, will re-release it since the album isn't really known but is a gem of an album which is instrumental where I completely let my creativity loose and it showcases some of my best guitar playing ever recorded.

Then I start my world tour at the M3 festival on May 8th, 2022, so don't miss out and see me and my new band of gunslingers rock the world.

And then, before I do all of that, my wife will tell me to take out the garbage and the recycling also... lol.

See you all in 2022."

Earlier this year, Aldo Nova took six of his COVID 19 special versions of his classics from his albums, Aldo Nova, Subject, and Blood On The Bricks, and turbocharged them.

The performances below are spot on with Aldo doing the guitar and vocals live, playing to specially re-recorded versions made just for his fans who were stuck at home during the COVID 19 lockdowns. Aldo performs all the instruments and vocals on all of the songs, with an occasional song featuring the best of the best musicians.

All the songs have been re-mixed for this Home Mini Concert so it's like sitting watching a live show with an amazing soundman behind the mixing console.

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