Annihilator frontman / founder Jeff Waters has posted a message to social media asking fans to chime in on what he call a "dream metal idea." See below.

Waters: "How would you feel about this dream metal idea? Wouldn't it be cool to do three nights in a row of the Alice In Hell, Never Neverland, and Set The World On Fire records at selected cities around the world? 

We could perform each of our first three CDs there (one per night + all the "hits!). Do you think Coburn Pharr (Never, Neverland singer), Aaron Randall (Set The World On Fire singer) and maybe our good friend from Canada, Stu Block (singing in place of the legendary Randy Rampage for Alice In Hell) might wanna join us in celebrating the 30th Anniversaries of these legendary records?

I think Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, every week in a different, central city, would be amazing. I don't know if the other guys I mentioned would or could do it, but maybe, if we send them enough messages by Facebook and Instagram, maybe they will join you and us! This would be historical, at least with Annihilator and most of our fans... and we have a lot of 'em! 

Promoters and festivals, wouldn't that be a blast? I think 2023 would be a great timeline. That would be the 30th Anniversary for the Set The World On Fire and we could do the 33rd for Never, Neverland and 34th for Alice In Hell.

I think we should try to do it. What do you think about that?!" 

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