On October 21st, Avantasia's  ninth studio album, A Paranormal Evening With The Moonflower Society, will be released worldwide via Nuclear Blast Records. The album's artwork has been painted by Swedish illustrator luminary Alexander Jansson.

A Paranormal Evening With The Moonflower Society is going to present eleven magical and powerful songs that feature numerous prestigious guest stars. The album's tracklist is as follows:

"Welcome to the Shadows"
"The Wicked Rule the Night"
"Kill the Pain Away"
"The Inmost Light"
"Misplaced Among The Angels"
"I Tame the Storm"
"Paper Plane"
"The Moonflower Society"
"Rhyme and Reason"

Frontman / founder Tobias Sammet comments:

"From the first song ideas back in 2018 / 2019 to the production, orchestration, keyboards, arrangements, details, I have been personally involved so deeply in every little aspect and detail of this album, that you can’t get an album any more personal or closer to my vision than this one. I had the time, nothing else to do in the past two and a half years, it was a slow movement life with music and my Mysteryhausen Studio serving as a portal to another world, full of music and quirky encounters with my muses, that kept me sane and hopeful. I am super proud of the album, some of my best songs, some of my most emotional and extreme vocal performances, some of the strongest guest performances ever. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome and when you’ll hear it, you will know why!"

The album was produced by Tobias with Avantasia guitarist Sascha Paeth, who’s also responsible for the powerful and mix of the album.


Tobias Sammet's Avantasia herald a new age in the fantastic, ever-expanding universe of Avantasia with new single "The Wicked Rule The Night".

After almost three years of hard work, mastermind Tobias Sammet and his outstanding all-star formation inspire us with an epic full-throttle track, in which the master himself as well as his duet partner Ralf Scheepers present themselves in an absolute world-class vocal form.

The song, which gives a first impression of the ninth Avantasia album, A Paranormal Evening With The Moonflower Society, to be released in autumn, comes with a lavishly animated lyric video, for which Costin Chioreanu is responsible.

Tobias Sammet: "I'm so happy with the upcoming album that you could put out any song as the first single. But somehow, after the last two years, I felt the need to go full steam ahead as soon as I'm let off the leash. And honestly, it's also cool to know that many would probably have expected a less extreme track to accompany Avantasia's re-entry into the earth's atmosphere. But Avantasia is not stylistically fixed, anything goes, commercial, epic, grotesque or full steam ahead, doesn't matter: All of it is part of Avantasia's very own world. We have found our own pigeonhole and different laws apply there. Longtime fans know that. And so I have the feeling that 'The Wicked Rule The Night' is unpredictable, exciting, fresh and new, despite my trademarks, as you know them from Avantasia or Edguy. Playing it safe is a lot of hogwash."

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