Black Mask-Warriors of the Night

Black Mask band hails from Mexico and has been active since October 2019. It all started from the guitarist of the band  Isaac Alcántara and  Lizbeth Javier Alvarado (vocals). 

"Issac wanted to start a project with female vocals! Something like Acid, Warlock and Bitch," said Lizbeth Javier Alvarado adding " Isaac and I are writing the songs and it goes really fast since we have a similar taste in music." 

The first demo of the band will be released in tape format and it will contain four songs.

" We don't really know the exact date of the release due to the situation that has changed everything but at least we hope to have it soon. Hopefully at the end of May!"  the band said. "We can't wait to show our music and wear the Black Mask on stage!"

You can watch the promo video for Black Mask's  upcoming demo here: 



1)Run for your life
2)Warriors of the night
3)Lightning Knight
4)Black Mask

Line up 

Lizbeth Javier Alvarado - Vocals

Isaac Alcántara - Guitar

Fausto Jiménez - Bass

Héctor Vera (Voltax) - Drums


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Logo - Fabiola Palma

Logo details & cover - May Witchhammer

You can visit the band's Facebook page here :

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