BLAZON RITE - "Dulce Bellum Inexpertis" (EP)

Upon the 2019 formation of BLAZON RITE, guitarist and primary songwriter James Kirn had quite the simple, but universal edict: He wanted “heads to bang.” While such an approach has defined metal for the past 40 years, Kirn wanted to put his twist on the genre by combining his love of obscure ’70s hard rock and power metal while exploring the vast fantasy world of 'Dungeons and Dragons'. In the span of a few months, BLAZON RITE had assembled and recorded the four songs that would comprise their debut four-song EP, "Dulce Bellum Inexpertis", which is being released worldwide via Gates of Hell Records.
Recorded and mastered by Rich Scott at 8th House Recordings in 2019, "Dulce Bellum Inexpertis" finds BLAZON RITE (who are rounded out by bassist-turned-vocalist Johnny Halladay, drummer Ryan Haley and bassist, lead guitarist and keyboardist, Pierson Roe) expertly crafting punchy, anthemic numbers that jousts between vintage, NWOBHM-inspired metal and dramatic European acts such as Blind Guardian and Helloween.
"Dulce Bellum Inexpertis" is highlighted by a Kirn-created concept that follows a man’s transformation from a warrior pledged to an earthly cause to a wilderness wanderer to ultimately being a king on earth under the will of a mysterious horned demi-god. Here, the co-mingling of 'Dungeons and Dragons' and epic metal come together in perfect harmony. Kirn uses the D&D world as a backdrop to tell stories ranging from solitude, love and passion, to anger and aggression — the perfect backdrop for the EP, with all four cuts serving as the perfect introduction to the epic power metal world at large.
2020 started off fast for BLAZON RITE — the independent release of "Dulce Bellum Inexpertis" was immediately embraced by the underground metal scene, drawing both surprise and elation from the band. But, like so many of their contemporaries, BLAZON RITE must bide their time until live shows resume. (To date, the band only has one live appearance to their credit.) Until that happens, "Dulce Bellum Inexpertis" is the primal, adventurous true heavy metal soundtrack to the quarantine!

"Into The Expanse (Solar Portals and Celestial Holes)" - Official Track Stream:


1. The Warriors Choice (Take Me Away)  (5:53)

2. Diamond Daggyr  (4:43)

3. Into The Expanse (Solar Portals and Celestial Holes)  (5:24)

4. Udug Hul (Summons You)  (5:01)

Pierson Roe - Bass & Synths
Ryan Haley - Drums
James Kirn - Guitars
Johnny Halladay - Vocals

Label: Gates Of Hell Records
Release date: 25.09.2020
Format: Vinyl

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