If you are serious about heavy metal, then most likely Crystal Viper doesn’t need an introduction. The band was founded by the singer and guitarist Marta Gabriel, and released its debut album in 2007. Since then, they toured in more than 15 countries, played in both tiny clubs and at huge open air festivals, released 8 studio albums, and bunch of singles. So one thing is sure: they are one of the most hard working and most determined bands of their generation.

Their latest studio album, The Cult, is still hot: it came out in 2021, followed by The Last Command mini-album in 2022, and brought Crystal Viper back to their roots: the traditional and pure heavy metal, full of epic melodies, classic riffs and guitar harmonies, ripping solos, and catchy refrains. The band couldn’t tour properly and promote the album due to pandemic, but instead of sitting and waiting for better times, they decided to record more material.

Crystal Viper's brand new single is a scorching newly recorded version of "In The Haunted Chapel", released at the light of the band 's forthcoming tour and festival dates. Check it out here, and below.

Band leader Marta Gabriel comments:  "In The Haunted Chapel' is naturally connected with our latest studio album The Cult, as it was inspired by the H.P. Lovecraft story - The Haunter Of The Dark, which was originally published in 1936. It's actually a very special story, as it's the last one Lovecraft wrote before his death. The composition itself is based on this shuffle rhythm which is a bit unusual for Crystal Viper, and the twin guitars are our humble tribute to legendary acts such as Thin Lizzy and Iron Maiden. This version is a little bit different than the one we released last year on The Last Axeman EP, because as I recently switched from rhythm guitar to bass, I decided to come up with different bass line, and of course we now have new drummer on board, Jakub. Except that both Eric and Andy recorded different guitar solos."

"In The Haunted Chapel" video release will be announced at a later date.

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