Celebrating over 25 years of metal mastery, chart-topping icons Evergrey have unveiled their eagerly longed for, thirteenth full-length, A Heartless Portrait (The Orphean Testament), today. To commemorate this massive next milestone in the band's history, Gothenburg’s dark metal masters have just released their emotive, mystical new single, “Call Out the Dark” - a heartfelt sonic experience that wanders the realms of prog and melodic metal to combine the best of both worlds into one.

Call Out the Dark” begins atmospherically with accented keys and suddenly evolves into an intense opus of symphonic and power metal attributes in the blink of an eye. The track goes in line with an enchanting visualizer, underlining the spirit of the band the best way. This one is not to be missed in this breathtaking bunch of new hits!

Evergrey state: “We are so just so damn proud of this record, guys, and we are just as excited that you will finally get to hear it! We will let the music do the talking and leave you to it, but we can't wait to hear what you feel and think! Enjoy!" - Tom, Jonas, Rikard, Johan, Rikard

A Heartless Portrait (The Orphean Testament) is available in the following formats:

- Deluxe Box (incl. Canvas, Pendant, Liner Notes on Pergament Paper) – limited to 500 copies worldwide
- 2LP Gatefold “Die Hard” Marbled Red/Black (incl. Slipmat + 7inch (black) w/ 2 exclusive Bonus Tracks) – limited to 500 copies worldwide
- 2LP Gatefold Glow in the Dark – limited to 500 copies worldwide
- 2LP Gatefold Black
- 2LP Gatefold Gold  –  Band exclusive, limited to 300 copies worldwide
- CD Digisleeve
- Digital Album

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A Heartless Portrait (The Orphean Testament) tracklisting:
"Save Us"
"Midwinter Calls"
"Call Out The Dark"
"The Orphean Testament"
"The Great Unwashed"

Tom S. Englund - Vocals, GGuitar
Henrik Danhage - Guitar
Rikard Zander - Keyboard
Jonas Ekdahl - Drums
Johan Niemann - Bass

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