US metal legends, Fifth Angel, have released a music video for the song "We Are Immortal", from their brand new studio album, When Angels Kill, which is out today via Nuclear Blast Records.

With "We Are Immortal" the mighty Fifth Angel celebrate the release of their fourth full-length, a nearly 70-minutes-long concept album filled to the brim with sing-a-long choruses, massive riffs and epic melodies.

Drummer and producer Ken Mary states: "We are proud to finally see the release of When Angels Kill, a concept album over two years in the making. This is our fourth album, and is perhaps the most important album we've done to date. When Angels Kill weaves together new songs with themes, song titles, and even some lyrical content from the last three albums to make a cohesive and exciting story of tyranny, love, betrayal, and survival. We believe this is the first time this has been attempted, at least that we know about, and if one wants to learn more about what has happened in the story, they can even go back and listen to the older albums that are referenced to get a clearer picture. This is the kind of record you can listen to many times and still pick up something new each time. We hope people will delve into it!"

The atmospheric video directed by Lance Gergar brilliantly captures the song's dark yet optimistic tone by illuminating the band solely by sparse yellow backlights that make them shine like a glimmer of hope in the all-devouring darkness.

Ken Mary comments, "We're very excited to reveal the third video and song from the new Fifth Angel concept album, When Angels Kill. 'We Are Immortal' reveals the next part of the story which follows a global tyrant who has unleashed destruction on anyone that opposes him. Many in the opposition have now been extinguished, and 'We Are Immortal' is a song of resistance and defiance in the face of overwhelming odds and the darkest of storms. The song reveals hearts of courage and fearlessness in the young survivors, who are ready to meet whatever may come next head-on. And to find out what comes next, one should buy the vinyl double album, make an evening of it, and sit down to enjoy this 70-minute audio 'movie!'"

The story of When Angels Kill begins in the future, when Phoenix, a young man caught in a world undergoing enormous changes, determines that the cunning, deceptive, and ruthless global leader that is enslaving billions will not subjugate him. Although it seems pointless and even fatal to resist, Phoenix joins a remnant of people that fight on for a better world. Traitorous love, catastrophic events, isolation, and impending doom darken his days, but Phoenix somehow retains his will to survive. The story concludes with a surprise ending.


Available formats:
- CD
- Gatefold 2LP (Transparent Red)
- Gatefold 2LP (Sky Blue)
- Digital Album

Order the album here.


Descent Into Darkness
When Angels Kill
Resist The Tyrant
On Wings Of Steel
We Are Immortal
Empire Of Hate
Run To The Black
Seven Angels
Blinded And Bleeding
Kill The Pain
Five Days To Madness
Ashes To Ashes
The End Of Everything
Light The Skies

Fifth Angel lineup on When Angels Kill:
Steve Carlson - Vocals
Ken Mary - Drums
John Macko - Bass
Ed Archer - Guitars
Steve Conley - Guitars
Jim Dofka - Lead Guitars

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