On October 22nd, London's Green Lung will unleash their sophomore full length Black Harvest. Today, they offer in listening another music piece - "Reaper's Scythe". 

Green Lung on "Reaper's Scythe": Some key elements of "Reaper's Scythe" were actually written when we were putting together our first EP Free The Witch, but we couldn't quite find a way to bring them together. Soon after Woodland Rites came out we were playing around in our studio and added a sinister intro and an epic King Diamond-esque middle 8, and suddenly it all clicked. It's the first song we've written with that old school Maiden gallop, and horror fans will spot lots of references in the lyrics, from the familiar (Stephen King's 'Children of the Corn') to the obscure (Thomas Tryon's 'Harvest Home'). It's fast becoming our favourite song to play in the practice space. We can't wait to unleash it live!"

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