Heist 2-11

Hailing from Newcastle upon Tyne, Heist 2-11are a new, fresh-sounding metal band featuring musicians who have already had their fair share of success on the worldwide stage--however they do not rely on past glories to push Heist 2-11forward due to their solid belief that this new venture will take them to even greater heights than previously experienced. With songs made up of crushing grooves and heartfelt melodies, combined with a striking brand image of masked reservoir dogs attire Heist 2-11are certainly a band you won't forget.2019 saw the release of their debut EP"Fight" which won glowing reviews across the board. 

The two singles released--Fight and I Am Alive-also receive continued airplay on digital radio stations across the world including Hard Rock Hell Radio, Planet Rock and BBC. 

Heist 2-11also spent time out on the road playing shows from Scotland to London and many places in between, growing their fan base with every show. In 2020 Heist 2-11 look firmly set to capitalise on their recent success with a summer release of their debut album and have kicked the new year off in style by signing to UAC Management.

You can check the band here: 


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