IRON FATE have now found the time to record its successor a full eleven years after their debut album. The second work is called "Crimson Messiah" and was mixed and mastered by Jost Schlueter in the PureSonic Studio.

It was produced by Schlueter and the band themselves. Once again we can look forward to heavy metal with a US-American touch with thrashy parts and hard rock elements. With a playing time of almost an hour, the album offers space for epic, melancholy and aggressiveness.

The band will tell you what you can expect from it: “The opener and title track is one of our up-tempo numbers on the album. The text is about the well-known topic of "false prophets" and how humanity tends to follow them again and again. The atmosphere of the topic was captured fantastically in the video by Gabby Vessoni. From our point of view one of the crispest tracks on the album, albeit with a sing-along character. Have fun with the lyric video! " But enough of the words and let the music speak. We have waited long enough for new material from the band. Have fun with "Crimson Messiah". The corresponding album of the same name will be released on December 17th and can already be pre-ordered on the usual channels as CD digipak, vinyl and digital.


1. Crimson Messiah 
2. Malleus Maleficarum 
3. We Rule The Night 
4. Crossing Shores 
5. Mirage 
6. Strangers (In My Mind) 
7. Hellish Queen 
8. Guardians Of Steel 
9. Saviors Of The Holy Lie 
10. Lost Forever 


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