Veteran US heavy metallers, Jag Panzer, are finally back in full force. Today, the band announce their signing to Atomic Fire Records for the release of their 12th full-length album, The Hallowed, which is due out next spring.

"Jag Panzer are proud to announce that we have signed to Atomic Fire Records. Over the years, we have seen the incredible promotion work done by Markus, Flori and their team. We felt that our music combined with their hard work could take Jag Panzer to the next level. We are very excited to bring The Hallowed to Atomic Fire Records," comments guitar player/founding member Mark Briody.

"When we got the offer for a new Jag Panzer album, it was already a kind of a no-brainer to give them a deal. When we heard the album, it became a must-have. Honestly, this is one of the best albums they ever did, and they have an armada of classics in their discography. They sound hungry, inspired and take all their trademarks to another level. We cannot wait to release their first singles and believe me, it was a hard choice to make. This is a future heavy metal classic to come," enthuses Atomic Fire Records founder/A&R Markus Wosgien.

What came into being in 1981 in Colorado Springs has lost nothing of its rebellion and power, not even over four decades later. Being inspired by the onslaught of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, Mark Briody and his comrades quickly became one of the most intriguing US power metal acts, releasing some successful studio albums, including their 1984 debut album Ample Destruction, The Fourth Judgement (1997), Thane To The Throne (2000), The Scourge Of The Light (2011) and their latest effort, The Deviant Chord (2017).

After facing several lineup changes and a hiatus, Jag Panzer are still holding sway as their forthcoming album The Hallowed proves.  

Recently, Jag Panzer welcomed long-time touring guitarist Ken Rodarte as an official band member: "Ken's done a great job on the last several tours. When he expressed interest in joining the band, we put him on an 8-week audition to see how he'd fit in with our creative process. Ken's contribution to »The Hallowed« exceeded all our expectations. Harry, Rikard, John and I are all excited to have Ken on board," said Mark Briody.

Jag Panzer are:
Harry Conklin - vocals
Mark Briody - guitars
Ken Rodarte - guitars
John Tetley - bass
Rikard Stjernquist - drums

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