The Finnish folk metallers KORPIKLAANI let their fans participate in their technical skills and are now presenting their third video with the playthrough of a song from their current album “Jylhä”.

This time it's drummer Samuli Mikkonen, who demonstrates his drumming skills in the song “Kiuru”. The percussionist said: “As far as the drums are concerned,‘ Kiuru ’is not a typical KORPIKLAANI song. It's a funny combination of quick aggression and wistful melancholy. Quite a lot happens in some parts of the song. I wanted to do something as cool as [Gene] Hoglan or [Sean] Reinert on DEATH's albums. I also created the heavy shuffle at the end of the song. I might not be the first to use this beat, but the first with a cool name for it. "

You can see the video filmed by Teppo Ristola here:

But other songs and musicians were also allowed to show their skills in a visible form, as you can see below:

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