Long-running U.S. speed metallers Liege Lord have announced the death of co-founder and bassist Matt Vinci at the age of 58.

The band says in a statement: “We are devastated to have to announce the loss of our brother and founding member Matt Vinci. Matthew passed away this past Saturday September 9, 2023. He was a true Metal Warrior…but also known as Sweet Matthew (as we affectionally referred to him). He started Liege Lord with Tony Truglio and Frank Cortese back in the early ‘80s and was the quintessential power metal bass player. He solidified our fan base thru the love of metal, by hand writing letters and mailing/trading cassette tapes with other like-minded people all around the world. 

“This was years before personal computers, mobile phones or the internet…he was our own social media master, way before the social media platforms of today. Matt was a wonderful father and loyal husband and we will miss him beyond words. We will release some further info in the immediate future when appropriate, but let’s respect this quiet time of grieving. Thank you for all the support. Matthew, we will always cherish and honor your friendship and hard work…for our bond and your music talents will live forever.”


Guitarist Tony Truglio
“With the heaviest of hearts I write to our fans and friends all around this globe…I met Matt in the 8th grade and we formed a friendship and partnering of musical ideas that would last all these years. We were brothers till the end, as we endured on a mission to make the best heavy metal band that we could create. From the early years of practicing every night, writing songs and listening to hours upon hours of endless hard rock and metal music…to causing thousands of incidents of harmless mischief and sharing the best of times of my youth…I will always carry that brothership with me. You will always be with me Matt, until we meet again. Love, Trug.”

Vocalist Joe Comeau:
Matt- had it not been for you, Tony or Frank, I would never have had the honor to be a part of this incredible family with Liege Lord. This was my first true international band and my first memories of you are clear as day in my mind. I was only in the band several weeks and we were thrust in the studio, where I worked hand in hand with you over the lyrics to craft what was to become the Master Control album. I feel as though a big part of my youth has been splintered away as I am forced to say goodbye to you. My brother in metal and forever friend. We will create music again somewhere, somehow. In the meantime, we will honor your insight and aura. Metal on Sweet Matthew…I send my love.”

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