Louisiana Music Hall Of Fame inductees, Lillian Axe, have released the first video & single from their long-awaited 10th studio album, From Womb To Tomb, due on August 19 via Global Rock Records.

Guitarist Steve Blaze describes the track: "We designed it to represent the realization of a child as he comes into the world. It has elements of Game Of Thrones, Tron and the Matrix all wrapped up into an epic song about the awareness we perceive in our first memories that we are now an existing eternal soul."

From Womb To Tomb is sure to please both long-time fans and newcomers with its superb songcraft and first-rate musicianship.

Steve Blaze: "I believe the basic idea behind the creation of From Womb To Tomb has been in my head for many years. The time just needed to be right to express it. This album is a different type of concept record, whereas it does not contain a story-based theme. Rather, it is a timeline from the birth of a child to the ascension of the soul, with each song emphasizing a specific time of one's life and the lessons learned therein.

"These observations are based on my life and the witnessing of the growth and development of the human condition through my eyes. The wonderful part is that these life experiences seem to exist in each and every one of us, even though the paths and events may greatly differ. This is the most emotional and powerful music I have ever written, and by the reactions of the few people close to me who I have played it for, it will hit a deep and resounding chord with all those who hear it.

"I ask one thing: listen from the start to finish in solitude, with no distractions, as if you are reading a book or watching a movie. It is not a collection of 16 individual, nonrelated pieces. But instead, it is a complete work of highs and lows, colors and shades, and emotional fluctuations. It will take you through the light of our greatness and the darkness of our failures. The band performed with beautiful power and grace, and I feel it is our best achievement to date."

Lillian Axe FWTT.jpg

"I Am Beyond"
"Neverending Me (Dempsey's Kick)"
"The Golden Dragon"
"Piercing The Veil"
"Migrating North"
"No Problem"
"Dance Of The Maggots"
"Fall Of The Human Condition"
"The Great Deception"
"Endless Green Fields"
"Feelings Of Absinthe"
"Finally, Clarity"
"From The Mountaintops"

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