Born of the frosty bowels of Montreal, Quebec, Canada comes CroMagnum, heavy metal from a simpler time. Brutal and unforgiving. Thoughtful and visionary. A forced juxtaposition that leads to an intense listening experience.

CroMagnum started when Maximus Rex and the original drummer parted ways with their previous band with an aim to keep it simple, heavy as fuck and stay as a three-piece. Since then, CroMagnum has evolved into its current form as the main duo of Maximus Rex on guitar and vocals, Gino LaPosta on bass.

With two EPs under their belts, 2014’s self-titled initial release and now 2021’s “Born Free”, CroMagnum embodies the human race’s struggle to climb out of the primordial ooze toward its future ascension to godhood. Lyrical content flows from anger, frustration, history, politics, government corruption, legends, and philosophy, complete with soaring melodies and punishing riffs.

Mythology. Tradition. Evolution. The beginning. The end. CroMagnum.

The five-track EP delivers thundering waves of primordial power and aims to give listeners a feeling of empowerment, an interesting variety of dynamics across the whole record, a few unexpected surprises, something original that stands out from other releases in the genre.

Maximus Rex (Guitar, Vocals & Keyboards) has also written and illustrated a comic book that shares a title with the EP.

CroMagnum is recommended for fans of Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, and Judas Priest.

EP Band Line Up:
Maximus Rex: Guitar, Vocals & Keyboards
Gino LaPosta: Bass
M.A.D.: Drums  

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