Eclectic hard rock band The Lucid, which features vocalist Vinnie Dombroski (Sponge), actor/guitarist Drew Fortier, bassist David Ellefson, and drummer/producer Mike Heller, have released the new single, "Risk Machine", featured on their upcoming EP, Saddle Up And Ride, due out digitally January 27 via SpoilerHead Records. CD, vinyl, and cassettes are available via Limited Edition pre-order bundles that will ship at a later date.

Listen to "Risk Machine" below:

From the ferocious vitriolic sonic assault of the title track, "Saddle Up And Ride", to the epic off the wall and out of left field, "Sweet Toof", Saddle Up And Ride showcases The Lucid feeding into their eccentric tastes spanning across thrash, country, rap, radio rock, metal, and funk.

The EP features artwork by Alex Sarabia and was produced by Mike Heller and mixed/mastered by Lasse Lammert.


Saddle Up And Ride tracklisting:

"Deep Country"
"Saddle Up And Ride" (Featuring Violent J)
"Risk Machine"
"Sweet Toof" (Featuring Violent J)

The Lucid began in mid 2020 as an idea between frequent collaborators Drew Fortier and Mike Heller which led to David Ellefson (ex Megadeth) jumping on board on bass along with vocalist Vinnie Dombroski (Sponge) rounding out the lineup resulting in their debut self-titled album which featured 9 heavy hitting and emotionally charged tracks showcasing this eclectic quartet's unique sonic approach. To promote the album, 3 music videos were released, the Fortier directed "Deaths of Despair", "Maskronaut" directed by Michael Sarna, and "Hair" which was directed by Hannah Fierman and has gone on to win multiple awards from various film festivals.

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