MAELSTROM - Of Gods And Men

"Of Gods And Men" is the debut album of Epic Cinematic Metal band MAELSTROM! Hailing From Long Island New York, MAELSTROM began in 1988 during the height of the Thrash movement and achieved a cult-like status throughout the underground. However, they never released their full-length album before disbanding in 1994. Now 32 years later - using the core of the source material from their two acclaimed demo tapes - the tracks have been reimagined and reconstructed by original guitarist and songwriter Joey Lodes and original vocalist and lyricist Gary and Vosganian. MAELSTROM finally deliver on the promise they made to themselves and to the underground metal scene!

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Part I – An Arisen Avatar:

1. “Arise (A Waltz Toward War)” (6:18)

2. “Army From Ash” (5:24)

3. “The Mirror Calls" (8:32)

4. “A Futile Crusade” (8:40)

5. “Lament of the Fallen” (6:18)

Part II – Of Sacrifice, Saviours and Sanctity:

6. “Th13teen Within a Circle” (5:47)

7. “Thief of Light” (4:59)

8. “An Ancient Art” (6:46)

Part III – A Predestined Prophecy:

9. “Predestined” (5:05)

10. “SonRise (A Lullaby to the Gods)” (12:36)


Gary Vosganian - vocals and lyrics 

Joey Lodes - guitars, bass, and music

Daniel Kleffmann - drums

Dawn Macaluso- female vocals

Edward Marks - keyboards, vocal engineering,

additional music writing on “Lament of the Fallen”

Richard Liegey - engineering, mixing, mastering


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