New and second full length album from Italian band Constraint

Constraint was founded in 2011 as a symphonic metal cover band. Their first release is the demo "Illusion of a Dream" (2012), followed by their first full-length "Enlightened by Darkness" in 2016.

They have been performing in various venues and festivals.

After an important line-up change in 2018, Constraint released the single "The Big (B)End" in June 2019, then the second single "Golden Threads" and a cover of "Slave" by Leprous. They began a Kickstarter campaign for their second album, which has been successful. Nowadays the band from Italy plays symphonic metal (with classical and progressive influences) and they are fronted by a powerful female voice offering a pretty impressive vocal range. On March 23rd 2020 the new, and second, full-length album from Italian band Constraint has been released, called 'Tides Of Entropy'. 

Constraint are: 

Vocals: Beatrice Bini 
Guitars: Matteo Bonfatti
Bass: Gabriele Masini
Keyboards: Enrico Bulgaro
Violin: Davide Borghi
Drums: Alessandro Lodesani

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