Guitarist Toby Knapp has issued statements regarding the reactivation of his ex-Century Media act, Onward

"Onward have signed a two album deal with Moribund Records and the vinyl of the forthcoming album Of Epoch And Inferno will be issued by Alone Records. CD's/digital will be released October 28 and the LP's are coming in 2023. Attika vocalist, Robert Van War, joined Onward early in 2021.

“The reception of the new album has been very positive so far. Listeners should realize I can't just go back to 2002 and continue with that sound. It wouldn't be natural. I am still drawing inspiration from 80's heavy metal, this time it's the more aggressive speed metal as opposed to the traditional heavy metal sound. I chose to operate under the Onward moniker because there's plenty of music on this album that has that vibe. This isn't a thrash metal album; elements are certainly there, but lots of melody is present.

“If vocalist Michael Grant and bassist Chris Payette (R.I.P.) were here, they would be in this band. Original Onward drummer Jon Pereau isn't playing anymore, I'm left alone to rebuild the band from the ground up. This is something I want to do as our reemergence might get those early albums back in print and introduce them to a new audience. I think that's a way to preserve the ‘legacy’; to keep moving Onward.

“I'm tired of operating under different monikers for everything, this time I'm calling it what is. We will keep some fans, lose some fans, and pick up new listeners as well. Our recording budgets with Century Media were several thousand dollars. This album had no budget, just me in a room pushing primitive home recording gear to its limit. I'm very happy with the outcome and on the follow-up to Epoch we will have a budget. Just turn this album up loud!"

The track "Silhouette" has been released as a single from Of Epoch and Inferno". Check it out below.

In the interim, Toby has nearly finished his ninth solo album, Transmission to Purgatory, coming in 2023 on Moribund Records. 

"I can't stop working" states the guitarist. "I want to improve on each album I release. I learn more about song writing and recording each time and I'm always thinking about music! It's such an insane obsession".

Moribund Records recently signed Onward to a two album deal and renewed Knapp's contract as a solo artist.

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