QUEENSRŸCHE/ex-KAMELOT drummer Casey Grillo has joined forces with guitar virtuoso Angel Vivaldi and singer Roman Grey to form a new melodic metal supergroup, INFINITY'S ASHES. The official music video for the band's first single, "The Perfect Flaw", can be seen below.

Angel comments: "Like most projects, this band has been in the oven for quite a number of years. To finally let the world see and hear this incredible collaboration feels magical. I'm proud of the work each of us put into these songs. Excited to see what's on the horizon for us."

Casey states: "I am absolutely thrilled to be part of this project that Angel and I embarked on several years ago. Countless hours of dedication and meticulous planning have been poured into it, and I'm eagerly anticipating the fans' reactions to our creation. Get ready to enjoy what we've accomplished!"

Grillo adds: "This will not change my involvement with QUEENSRŸCHE. I simply wanted to explore a different aspect of my drumming."

For more than six years, Grillo has been filling in for original QUEENSRŸCHE drummer Scott Rockenfield, who stepped away from the band's touring activities in early 2017 to spend time with his young son.

Almost a year after playing his first show with QUEENSRŸCHECasey announced his exit from his previous band KAMELOT in order to pursue "other musical endeavors" as well as tend to his "rapidly growing" drumhead company DrumStatic.

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