Dimitris Kontogeorgakos of Chicago-based webzine, Metal Kaoz, recently conducted an interview with Rage singer / bassist, Peter 'Peavy' Wagner, to discuss the band's latest EP release, Spreading The Plague.

Talking about the band's plans for the next Rage album, Peavy revealed that the band will release a double studio album and a biography in 2024 to celebrate their 40th anniversary.

Says Peavy: “The plan is to release the next Rage album in 2024, it’s gonna be the 40th anniversary of Rage, the official 40th anniversary, and the plan is to release a double album, plus a Rage history book. Both of these are already in the pipeline, we have nearly written on the book and the album is nearly written. We’ve more than 20 songs for the double album and at this moment we’re in the pre-production phase, which is recording ideas and arranging everything. So, we’ll be in time with this and I can promise it’s gonna be good. The book is gonna be like a biography of the band. We’re already in the production phase. I’m nearly finished writing everything and only thing left is the editing by a professional writer. Everything should come out together around spring ’24 I think; this is the plan of the release. I don’t know exactly the month or the exact date. The album has already a title but I won’t mention it now." (laughs)

Find the full interview at Metal Kaoz.

Spreading The Plague is available via SPV/Steamhammer. Order here.


Spreading The Plague tracklisting:
"To Live And To Die"
"Spreading The Plague"
"The King Has Lost His Crown"
"A New Land" (acoustic version)
"The Price Of War 2.0"
"Straight To Hell" (Live from the Cave)

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