Vancouver’s Rebel Priest took a trip to Japan in 2019 and from the drunken debauchery they wrote a few songs, now being released as a four-track EP, the aptly named “Lost In Tokyo”. The second single off the EP is the second track “Back Alley Blues”.

Instead of a full-length concept album, Rebel Priest decided to make a punchy, succinct EP. They set the tone on each single by adding a few similar elements which bind them together on the album as a whole but each track is a juggernaut on its own and will stand strong independently. “Back Alley Blues” is a slinking little ditty about an imaginary place that is half sunset strip, half Detroit rock city, and about hanging with your crew. The band explains further:

“Imagine if you will, you’re a stray cat, walking down the street. You come across a mean old junkyard dog, you’re not afraid ‘cause you’re a tough-as-nails, street thug. The dog starts barking, you keep walking, and the smell of a kitty of the other persuasion is in the air. You’re now hotter than on a summer day, you see an alley with an intoxicating scent. As you walk down the place you feel most at home, your nostrils spike because there is something else in the air. As you get to the end of the alley you see the kitty you have been looking for and they have a bag of catnip. That’s just the beginning of your night.”

Lived experiences, vivid imagery, and wild rock n roll is the name of the game for Rebel Priest. The writing process for the band is simple and organic, the result of them working together previously and being no strangers to their craft. They will write a riff, work on it together, and then if it has wings, they let it fly. There is no microscope to put tracks under and obsess over, in this world of autotune and time-shifting, it’s all about trying to find the ghost in the machine, and Rebel Priest is bringing the Ouiji board!

Greasy, smooth, and catchy, “Back Alley Blues” is recommended for fans of ZZ Top, Rose Tattoo, and Deep Purple.

Listen to “Back Alley Blues”

The EP releases on August 13, 2021 via Batcave Records. Pre-order links to be announced at a later date.

First single “Lost In Tokyo” 


Track Listing:
1. Lost In Tokyo (3:29)
2. Back Alley Blues (3:03)
3. Vulgar Romance (4:15)
4. When The Whip Comes Down (4:33) (Slash Puppet Cover)
EP Length: 15:25

EP and Live Band Line Up:
Jayme Black – Vocals/Bass
Benny Kemp – Guitars/Vocals
Nate Pole – Drums/Vocals

Rebel Priest is a no-nonsense, real-deal rock n’ roll band composed of three seasoned musicians who have been making their way through the Western Canadian rock n roll scene for years. Vocalist/bassist Jayme Black (Lust Boys, The Toxiks); guitarist/vocalist Benny Kemp (Lust Boys, Road Rash); and drummer/vocalist Nate Pole (Kill Matilda, The Toxiks) bring nothing but unadulterated, high energy grease infused Trash N’ Roll!

The band has had the pleasure of touring Japan, and performing alongside bands such as Udo (Accept), Lordi, Diamond Head, Crystal Pistol, Flotsam, and Jetsam along with playing many headlining gigs with the energy of Motorhead meets Motley Crue.
Since forming in 2014, the band has released three studio albums “R’ley Heavy” (2019), Enabler (2017 ), Self-Titled (2015) along with one live record “Dead Alive @ SBC (2017).

Now in 2021, they offering up a slab of new music in the shape of an EP “Lost In Tokyo”, which was written in Japan at the very end of 2019, before the closure, and the band has been sitting on the tracks for over a year. The band even shares a cover rendition of Toronto 80s metal band Slash Puppets’When The Whip Comes Down”.

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