March 17, 2023 will see Redemption release their new album I Am The Storm on AFM Records. Following previously-shared singles, the blistering album title track as well as "Seven Minutes From Sunset", today, the Los Angeles-based outfit presents a brand new music video for the song "Remember The Dawn".

Redemption belongs to one of the leading progressive metal bands in the heavy music world today. Formed in 2000 by guitarist / keyboardist / songwriter Nicolas van Dyk, the band features iconic vocalist Thomas England of Evergrey, the rhythm section of Chris Quirarte (drums) and bassist Sean Andrews, as well as Vikram Shankar on keys.

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As the album title already promises, I Am The Storm is a gripping, stirring, overwhelming and dramatic, new record by the power prog metal act. Combining unapologetic melodies and hooks with technicality, complexity and thundering riffs, Redemption once again occupies a unique place with its powerful, heavy, intelligent and deeply emotional music.

Says band mastermind Nicolas van Dyk about “Remember The Dawn”: "With our first two advance releases, we have emphasized the heavier side of Redemption and the economic melodic metal side of Redemption.  We have a third side — longer form songs with roots in progressive rock as well as metal, delivered in a cinematic style.  Remember the Dawn showcases this third side of Redemption, both musically and — thanks to Vikram’s video assembly — with the visuals of us performing the piece individually in-studio.  The meaning of the song touches on a familiar theme with Redemption: live is full of challenges and rewards, of ugliness and beauty, of despair and hope."

I Am The Storm was produced by van Dyk, Vikram Shankar and sound engineer/guitarist Simone Mularoni (DGM), who – alongside Chris Poland (ex-Megadeth) and Henrik Danhage (Evergrey) – will be also featured as a guest musician on the album. The new Redemption record also contains two cover songs, "Turn It On Again" by Genesis and "Red Rain" by Peter Gabriel.

“I Am The Storm”
“Seven Minutes From Sunset”
“Remember The Dawn”
“The Emotional Depiction Of Light”
“Action At A Distance”
“Turn It On Again”
“All This Time (And Not Enough)”
“The Emotional Depiction Of Light (Remix)”
“Red Rain”

Vinyl Bonus Tracks
“The Pearl Clutchers” (feat. Chris Poland)
“The Far Side Of The Clouds” (feat. Henrik Danhage)

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