Risin Sabotage presents a new animated video and digital single for the track "Serpent" via Robustfellow Digital, with an Updated line-up, Deluxe sound and vibe!

Cover by Victoriia Panchishko
Recorded and mixed on BrokenBricks Studios - Студія звукозапису studio by Max Tovstyi

Guys from RS Crew helped us with the music video. Taras Oleynichuk worked on animation. Thanks to him illustrations of Victoria Panchishko could convey creepy atmosphere and mood of the song (the bee still comes in dreams to some of us).

Risin' Sabotage - Serpent cover_0.jpg

Kyiv based Risin Sabotage slams with heavy psych and desert rock since 2015. In just three years we've got our albums released on German label Nasoni Records and Japanese Voron Nest recorded with analogue equipment in praise of old school. Risin Sabotage's fuzzy riffs and grooves inspired by the sounds of '70s astound with the incredibly energetic performances. In 2015 our first Self Titled album was immediately picked up by Hans-Georg Bier and released on vinyl. First album is sharp desert rock with pitched vocals and bossy overdrive.

In 2017 Nasoni records released our music again so the second Planet Dies LP comes out in form of orange transparent wax with the gatefold cover made up by Christiano Suarez. The CD release is made by Japanese label Voron Nest. This album goes along with the stony psychedelic sound and melodica of doom. Serpent is the single for the upcoming album. Which is going to be more complex, aggressive and groovy.  Couple of live releases show and prove that we slam heavily live as well as on the record!

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