Rotting Christ have released a video for "Yggdrasill", a song from the band's new album, Pro Xristou, out now. The clip can be viewed below.

A message states: "In Norse mythology, Yggdrasill (ᛦᚵᛑᚱᛆᛋᛁᛚ) is an enormous ash tree that connects the nine worlds, including the underworld (Niflheim), the earth (Midgard), and the realm of the gods (Asgard). Yggdrasill is associated with both life and death: it acts as a gallows that the god Odin hangs himself from in order to gain mystical knowledge, and it is said to be the source of new life after Ragnarök (Doomsday), the catastrophic final war of the gods."

All art and video for this song was made by Kim Diaz Holm / Den  Unge Herr Holm. Effects and video by Costin Chioreanu.

Rotting Christ have stood the test of time. While their name has caused plenty of gatekeepers to clutch their pearls, Sakis Tolis and has brother Themis have risen from Greece's blackened catacombs to one of metal's most formidable bands.

This year, Rotting Christ are celebrating 35 years of evil excellence with their 14th album. ΠΡΟ ΧΡΙΣΤΟΥ (Pro Xristou) is bound to hold a revered place in the band's heretical history. Always true to their name, with Pro Xristou ("Before Christ"), the band pay tribute to the last of the Pagan kings by offering up more towering, gothic, melodic black metal.

Now that Rotting Christ are closing in on four decades, some followers might've wondered if there was any sacred ground left for them to conquer. But Pro Xristou is a testament to a band that's still on the rise.     

"This album was inspired by the might of ancient pagan wisdom", says Sakis. "It's a tribute to those who resisted the coming of Christianity, which destroyed all the values, traditions and knowledge of the ancient world".


Pro Xristou (Προ Χριστο?)
The Apostate
Like Father, Like Son
The Sixth Day
La Lettera Del Diavolo
The Farewell
Pix Lax Dax
Pretty World, Pretty Dies
Primal Resurrection (Bonus Track)
All For One (Bonus Track)



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