Seattle, Washington-based metal veterans SANCTUARY will return to Europe in the fall of 2021 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of their 1990 classic record "Into The Mirror Black" and their revamped special, due out October 9, 2020 Century Media Records appears. Even if the plans to celebrate this big anniversary in 2020 with the current singer Joseph Michael (WITHERFALL) could not be put into practice due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the band "Into The Mirror Black" will also be in the year 2021 play its entirety and celebrate the anniversary of this great album accordingly.

Originally formed in 1985, SANCTUARY are one of the most unique and fascinating acts out there. After the band had quickly established themselves as a first-class metal band with their first two albums "Refuge Denied" (1988) and "Into The Mirror Black" (1990) and won fans from all over the world, their career unfortunately came to a standstill for the time being and led to Foundation and advancement of NEVERMORE.

In 2011 SANCTUARY formed again, celebrated their live comeback, released their third album "The Year The Sun Died" in 2014 and started a new chapter in their band history. They stayed true to their roots and fans from back then, but also developed further and underwent a thorough overhaul of their most successful album with the help of Zeuss (QUEENSRYCHE, ICED EARTH, OVERKILL). Thanks to Zeuss ‘careful remaster, the album sounds fuller and heavier, but without losing the original feel, and the additional tracks are a great bonus for SANCTUARY fans. The somber atmosphere and thought-provoking lyrics, the mix of heavy and thrash metal, the guitar work and the expressive vocals of Warrel Dane (RIP) are just some of the reasons this record has stood the test of time. And why this tour will definitely be a very special experience. Support comes from the Atlanta, Georgia based progressive power metal band HALCYON WAY.


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