SCALD - There Flies Our Wail! (7'' EP)

High Roller Records proudly presents a new 2-Track-EP of SCALD! It features an entirely new song called "There Flies Our Wail" as well as a new version of the classic "Eternal Stone", with brilliant Felipe Plaza on vocals!
SCALD is a famous Russian Epic Doom Metal act that existed in the 90s and disbanded after the tragic death of Maxim “Agyl” Andrianov (who was SCALD’s vocalist and leader) in 1997. But their memory and their sole full-length album, “Will Of The Gods Is Great Power”, lived on through the years.

Screen Shot 2021-02-01 at 10.51.42 AM_0.png


1. There Flies Our Wail! (4:53)
2. Eternal Stone (Version 2020) (6:52)


Felipe Plaza Kutzbach - vocals Harald - guitars
Karry - guitars
Velingor - bass

Ottar - drums & percussions

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