Screams Of Babylon with members of Deadly Blessing and Mystic-Force

The German Underground Power Records announced the release of the US band Screams of Babylon. Screams of Babylon is a US Christian supergroup with the original voice of  Deadly Blessing and members of Mystic -Force and King's Ranson.  The release is scheduled to be released in Spring of 2021  in CD/LP format.  Ski the singer of the band, when he was asked about what we should expect, stated

"We are a heavier Stryper with the same message with a touch of Priest Maiden Helloween defending the spiritual and metal faith"

Screams of Babylon are

Ski -vocals  (Deadly Blessing) 

Chris Allen- Guitars/Vocals 

Allen Brunelle- Drums (Mystic-Force/King's Ranson) 

Keith Menser - Bass (Mystic-Force) 

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1.Screams of Babylon


3.King of glory

4.In the midst

5.In the name of the blood


7.Alone in silence




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You can get in touch with the band here:

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