Swedish doom metallers Sorcerer releases their cover version of Ozzy's “Waiting for Darkness” From Bark At The Moon LP. 

This is Sorcerer's statement:
Before gearing back up to write on our new studio album for Metal Blade Records, and to have some fun during the pandemic vacuum, we show reverence to our musical heroes and influencers. On this list of respect there is of course no escaping Rock 'n' Roll Rebel Ozzy Osbourne! We chose the final track of Ozzy's 1983 solo album “Bark at the Moon” - “Waiting for Darkness” - to be the fourth single and powerful finale of our four-track digital (only) EP Reverence.

Listen to our version of Waiting For Darkness on:


Available on all streaming platforms.
Below is a little video message from someone who knows a thing or two about Bark At The Moon, our dear friend, Mr.Max Norman Producer

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