Stargazery's founder and mastermind Pete Ahonen confirmed that the band is currently working on their fourth studio album, the successor to 2020's Constellation.

Pete Ahonen comments: ''Hello folks far and wide! Sorry for the long silence, still here and kicking. I've been busy with Burning Point doing some rehearsals as we played few shows with our new line-up and oh boy, we definitively kick ass! I can't wait to get to the studio and start recording our new album.

"Also been busy in the studio to proceed the new Stargazery album. We had a bit of a set back as the studio PC decided not to co-operate with me and the latest session didn't opened anymore. Fortunately 7 of the songs were already safe, but I needed to dig down deep and get the audio files for the leadvox and make a new session. Also needed to sing all the choir/harmony vocals again. As for now 2 out 5 is done and the work continues.

"My other bands Fire Action and Wallen also have kept me busy. I have sang songs for both of our albums and hopefully we get to finish them soon, really really great stuff. Cheers for now!"

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