STEELWITCH-80's heavy metal in 2020

STEELWITCH is a  heavy/ power metal band hailing from Athens, Greece that was formed in 2017. The die-hard metalheads,  Ungod (Slaughtered Priest, SAD, Kvele, Necrohell, Antiflesh, Obsecration) and Giorgos Papagiannakis (Absinthiana)  joined forces and will deliver to us their self-titled 5-songs debut that features an overdose of classic 80's heavy metal coupled with dark/epic lyrics. The debut will be released on CD and Vinyl by CULT METAL CLASSICS / SONIC AGE RECORDS in April and June. 

Get an early taste of the upcoming release and as the band suggests   "turn up the volume as you 're being delivered to the dangerous era of the 80s and bang your head the hardest you can!" 

Line Up 

Ungod - Guitars, Bass and Drums

Giorgos Papagiannakis - Vocals


1)Last Winter's Day

2)Cursed Dreams

3)A Legacy of Swords

4)Moonlight Whispers 





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