Stryper have launched an official website for their forthcoming official documentary along with the following message:

"Have you signed up yet?  This is the Official Stryper Documentary. Made by the people that were there, including stories from fans and all your favorite songs. Sign up to receive the newsletter to stay up to date on how you can be a part."

The website includes a page where fans can share their band-related stories with Stryper. Go to for updates and to take part.

Stryper played their first show with guitarist Howie Simon - Oz Fox's temporary replacement - on September 9th in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Frontman Michael Sweet issued the following message prior to the show:

"Just to clear up a few things:

Howie Simon is filling in for Oz for the shows that we have booked this year. He does an absolutely amazing job and obviously so since Winger and Tesla use him as well for their fill in dates. Simple as that. If we didn’t feel comfortable using Howie we wouldn’t. We do and we’re honored to have him.

Also, this band has never sounded better than we do now with Perry Richardson (bass)

People (and I mean very few people) may complain because we don’t have the original lineup but Perry is the cream of the crop. Personally, musically and spiritually. Period. He’s taken this band to new heights and we couldn’t be more proud to have found him and to have him.

We’re about to perform (tonight) having not played live in almost two years and with basically no rehearsal. Am I making excuses? Hell no! I’m simply saying that we’re rehearsing as we go and trying to find our groove. We’d be doing the very same thing if Oz was here now.

So, come out and enjoy the shows. We’re just happy and humble to even be able to play is this absolutely insane world. The music business got hit the hardest and continues to take blow after blow. To be able to perform on a stage during the most volatile times of our lives is beyond miraculous. It’s heavenly."

Fan-filmed video of the Green Bay show is available below. The setlist was as follows:
"Soldiers Under Command"
"Calling on You"
"More Than a Man"
"Loud 'N' Clear"
"Loving You"
"Sing-Along Song"
"No More Hell to Pay"
"Always There for You"
"All for One"
"To Hell With the Devil"
"The Way"

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