Tankard present their "Ex-Fluencer" video, the second single from their forthcoming new full-length, Pavlov’s Dawgs, set for release on September 30 via their new label home, Reaper Entertainment. The video was recorded at this year's Rockharz Festival, where the song made its live debut.

Comments vocalist Andreas "Gerre" Geremia, "The content of the song is about the dark side of social media madness, in which the protagonist visibly loses herself and drifts into a completely surreal world, but fortunately finds her way out again in the end. In my opinion, our guitarist Andi [Gutjahr] has created one of the coolest riffs on the new album, accompanied by scenes from this year's Rockharz Festival with the sensational fans behind, this clip can only mutate into a hit! Click or die!"

The taps are polished, the Freibier is flowing, and Tankard are finally back to what they do best five long years after their last studio album: Thrashing madly, drinking thirstily, and ever so cleverly intertwining metal, humor, and sarcastic social commentary into one big raucous ball of entertainment.

Pavlov's Dawgs, which was recorded and produced at Gernhard Studio Troisdorf together with producer Martin Buchwalter, will be available on CD, vinyl in various color variants, limited earbook with previously unreleased pictures from the last 40 years of Tankard, and as a limited box set which includes two demos on cassette.

Find pre-orders here.


“Pavlov’s Dawg”
“Diary Of A Nihilist”
“Veins Of Terra”
“Metal Cash Machine”
“Dark Self Intruder”
“Lockdown Forever”
“On The Day I Die”

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