Texas-based Thunder Horse has a genre that is hard to pin down, but there are definitely influences of doom, psych, occult, and a smattering of classic rock and NWOBHM. Their third studio album and second Ripple Music release, After The Fall, cements the band's reputation of delivering titan-sized songs in the form of a refined formula: doomier, sharper, but also stronger. Finding the perfect balance between their timeless and masterful southern-baked heavy metal and a strongly emotion-driven purpose, After The Fall unwaveringly stands as Thunder Horse's turning point and should drag more and more heavy music lovers in their path in their fierce conquest of the underground doom scene. 

Thunder Horse just revealed the lyric video for "Apocalypse", the third single from After The Fall, available now via Bandcamp and Ripple Music.

After The Fall artwork and tracklisting:

After The Fall_0.png

After The Fall
New Normal
The Other Side
Inner Demon

Thunder Horse pride themselves on an intense experience live. Their concerts have included video projections and quadraphonic sound harkening back to the heyday of '70s classic rock shows. Being proud Orange Amplifiers ambassadors, Thunder Horse delivers a gut punch to the audience with a thick wall of sound — a must see both sonically and visually!

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