"It Will Last" project comes to life at the end of 2018 on the initiative of Simone Carnaghi, multi-instrumentalist (bass / guitar / drums), composer, as well as teacher of bass, drums, guitar and ensemble music with many years of experience.

The name of the project "It Will Last" is inspired by a song contained in a previous cd-album of unreleased songs entitled "Slender Hopes" (published in 2010) in which Simone Carnaghi composed all the songs (music and lyrics) and played all the instruments (bass, drums, guitars). 

"Nightmares in Daylight", the first cd-album of "It Will Last”, consists of 12 tracks lasting 57 minutes, including two tracks taken from "Slender Hopes”: "It will last” song (which, as mentioned, gives name to the project) and "Flying to the rainbow” song; both tracks has been
completely revisited, rearranged and recorded again, creating an artistic continuity between the two projects, children of the same author but expression of very different musical styles. The drafting of the new songs and the self-production of "Nightmares in Daylight" required a lot of work (over two years) and was made possible thanks to a wealth of experience gained live and in recording studios from 1998 to 2018.

Nightmares in Daylight” is a concept album that talks about aspects that are slowly “consuming” the world we live in. Each song deals with a different topic and Simone tried to create something different from an instrumental point of view, blending the following ingredients:
• his passion for 80s music and, in particular, his love for Iron Maiden of that golden period (their first 7 albums);
• the desire to experiment with progressive metal, but without exaggerating;
• the desire to make all instruments more defined and give each of them the right importance, with a particular attention to his favorite instrument, the bass, which is the driving instrument in the songs as well as his main live instrument;
• the desire to go against the tide, without caring too much about fashions.


It Will Last "Nightmares in Daylight" was totally composed (music and lyrics) by Simone Carnaghi, who also personally played and recorded all the instruments (bass, drums and guitars), designing the songs to be able to bring them faithfully on the stages, without backing-tracks and without losing anything of what was recorded.

It Will Last Nightmares in Daylight” was also produced by Simone Carnaghi at his brand new “Rock & Music Studio”, based in Rescaldina (Mi).
The vocal lines composed by Simone Carnaghi have been assigned to Daniel Reda, his very trusted and dear friend since 1997, former singer of "Pandaemonium", the epic Italian metal band with whom Simone played drums on their second cd-album "Return to reality". Daniel also played in "Dying Moon". Daniel is the official lead singer of Simone Carnaghi's “It Will Last”.

The rest of the story has to be written ...

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