W.A.S.P. kicked off their 40 Years Live World Tour on October 28, at House Of Blues in Las Vegas, NV. The band have shared video for the opening medley, "On Your Knees / The Flame / The Torture Never Stops / Inside The Electric Circus". Watch below.

The setlist was as follows:
"On Your Knees / The Flame / The Torture Never Stops / Inside The Electric Circus"
"L.O.V.E. Machine"
"Wild Child"
"Heaven's Hung in Black"
"Arena of Pleasure"
"The Idol"
"The Great Misconceptions of Me"

"Chainsaw Charlie (Murders in the New Morgue)
"Blind in Texas

Encore 2:
"Animal (Fuck Like a Beast) / The Real Me"
"I Wanna Be Somebody"

W.A.S.P. have announced they are offering their first ever VIP meet and greet packages on the US leg of the 40 Years Live World Tour. VIP meet and greet packages are available for all dates on the US tour, including shows that are already sold out for show tickets.

In addition to meeting Blackie Lawless and getting a personal photo with him, fans will also be able get a photo holding Blackie's original B.C. Rich Widow bass guitar and get a photo standing next to "Elvis\rdblquote  - Blackie's incredibly unique and one of a kind microphone stand.

To purchase your VIP ticket to meet Blackie Lawless visit WASPnation.com/tour and click the ticket link for your desired show. You will purchase the VIP ticket directly from the venue.

Blackie Lawless commented on offering VIP tickets, "For the 40th Anniversary Tour, and for our first time ever, we are offering VIP Meet and Greet tickets for all of you who\rquote ve wanted to have a genuine VIP Experience. I\rquote ll be doing a photo with everyone who participates as well as several other special offerings that will make this a pretty interesting package. But the one thing that will separate our VIP Experience from all others, and honestly the thing I\rquote m looking most forward to is, at the end of the photo and the autograph sessions I want to do a sit down Question and Answer session with all of you there . The only way I've ever wanted to do a VIP Experience is to have real time with all of you, not only to answer whatever questions you\rquote ve been wanting to ask me for however long, but it also gives me the chance to get to know you. Honestly, this was the only way I would agree to do this because I genuinely wanna hear what you have to say. So get ready and get your questions ready, but, be prepared, it\rquote s gonna work both ways, because if you think you wanna get inside my head\'85. then I\rquote m gonna get inside of yours."



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