Eternal Odyssey - Awakening

ETERNAL ODYSSEY-Lullaby For An Angel (Audio)

Eternal Odyssey-Awakening

USPM has many hidden gems just waiting to be discovered, some you just stumble upon purely by chance, but others such as the album 'As Darkness Reigns' by the band ORACLE (Formerly known as PRODIGY) are the Holy Grail for Power Metal riff hunters. This masterpiece is the bands only release but it sealed their immortality among those in the US Power Metal genre. Unfortunately, ORACLE disbanded before their true greatness became recognised, but a measure of the force they could have become is evidenced by the bands that some of ORACLE migrated to, Power Metal royalty such as ICED EARTH and  MYSTIC FORCE. 

So ORACLE  was left to drift into legend...or so we thought! For now, a phoenix has arisen from the ashes of time. Kent (all git/bs/voc) and Brent Smedley ( dr) gave birth to ETERNAL ODYSSEY, whose album 'Awakening' has transported us back to the glory days of the '80s. Elements of QUEENSRYCHE, CRIMSON GLORY and  FATES WARNING  are "scattered" everywhere. 

This release has so many things that make it extraordinary, guitar harmonies soar between emotions, melodic, mesmerizing yet razor-sharp and fresh, Kent's guitar playing makes the hairs stand out at the back of your neck, balancing perfectly with a stellar vocal delivery that enhances the excellent songwriting. Songs such as "Lullaby For An Angel" (with very touching lyrics if you know the story behind), "I Still Care", "Immortal", "Searching", "Through Broken Dreams" and "Unrequited" are certainly among the best US-Metal songs I've heard for a long long time and they should be experienced by every metalhead out there. The label characterises "Awakening" as a hard rock release! Ken said Melodic metal/ hard rock. I listened to more but one thing that I'm sure of is that this release shouldn't be missed.

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Christine Tsaprouni 

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