KILLIN’ KIND - Dying Earth

Killin' Kind - Dying Earth [Full Album]

KILLIN’ KIND – Dying Earth

We are used to saying better late than never. Also here in Greece we have a saying that good things take time to happen. I think that KILLIN’ KIND from Italy had the same thoughts. You see “Dying Earth” is their sophomore album that comes 8 years after releasing their debut entitled “Metal Rage”, which is an album you should check out.

Now for those who are not familiar with the band, let me give you a short description of their sound. KILLIN’ KIND’s music has variety and incorporates a variety of styles. It is a band whose all musicians are very skillful and talented and above all create music that is technical and yet straight forward.

Their sound, as you can listen to on this album, is rooted in the melodies of JUDAS PRIEST and IRON MAIDEN (of course they also have influences from the whole N.W.O.B.H.M. scene) and the power/thrash riffing style that you can find in such bands like METALLICA, ICED EARTH, METAL CHURCH and VICIOUS RUMORS. Also the solos that you will find in each song that is included here are very technical and enrich the compositions in a very creative way.

The power/thrash metal sound of the band fits perfectly to the dark themes of the lyrics that are inspired by science fiction, history and mythology, but they also have an ecological and social sensitivity.

“Dying Earth” is a very mature and yet full of enthusiasm album that sounds dark and aggressive and yet it is very sensitive and emotional. It is a release that has variety and character and I am sure the fans of the above mentioned groups will like it a lot.

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