RESENT - Crosshairs

RESENT ~ Crosshairs [ Album 2020 ]

RESENT - Crosshairs

They say that music soothes the savage beast. Whoever came up with that particular idiom obviously hasn't listened to RESENT a band from British Columbia that formed in 2017. Their new album 'Crosshairs' has burst forth like an erupting pustule, burrowing into your ear like some necrotic tic, born from the bloated carcasses of Noothgrush and Grief. Imagine all your nightmares hiding in the closet, or under the bed, reaching out to grab an exposed limb, encapsulated in six tracks of total nihilistic disdain. I don't know who is responsible for the production but they deserve a lot of credit for managing to draw the last drop of corruption from each diseased riff. If that doesn't make you grimace in disgust, the copious amounts of feedback boring into your skull like an Autopsy Burr Drill will complete your discomfort.

I've always found it easy to describe albums of this kind and can wax lyrical about all the horrors within and  'Crosshairs' by RESENT was one of the easiest because I love it so much. In fact, even though the month is young, I can safely say that it is going to take something truly special to top this come to the end of month 'best of' lists.

I'm a sick, sick, soul.

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